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Sundays in Spring (Epicurean)

Brunch is a Sunday ideal but finding a destination that suits the whole family can often narrow options. Enter Spring Epicurean Market. We like to think of it as the ‘easiest brunch you don’t have to organize’ and the entire space has the relaxed feeling of a backyard gathering. It’s a place where children love to free range on the well-kept lawn while parents can shop the market and connect with friends through chance encounters or planned meetings.

The market was established in July 2013 after 6 months of planning. Situated on the grounds of Spring Summer Restaurant opposite the Racquet Club on Soi Phromsi (between Sukhumvit Soi 39 and 49) and held on the last Sunday of each month, Spring Epicurean has become a destination market where many linger. As the name suggests, it is dedicated solely to food and food related products like wonderful beeswax wraps, an enlightened alternative to plastic film, from Queen Bee Wraps.

We carefully curate the market for quality products that are as organic, as local, as artisanal as possible. Product overlap is minimized so there’s a broad range of fare available from the 30+ vendors. This number is optimal for the space to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Some vendors are self-taught and passionate about their products while others possess serious kitchen credentials. A new vendor joining the August 31, 2014 market has worked at Chez Panisse, The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood and was on staff to celebrate when they received their 3rd Michelin star! Increasingly, amazing foodies are contacting us demonstrating the breadth and depth of the food scene in Bangkok.

Market days are an exciting concept. A time when communities gather and connect. Children look forward to this market day where they can make their own simple fun by piling onto oversized bean bags, collecting twigs and playing games on the wooden walkways. The traditional, hand-operated popsicle machine also holds endless fascination – mostly for the final product!

There truly is appeal for the whole family at Spring Epicurean Market. Come along and discover why this Sunday.

Spring Epicurean Market
Date: Last Sunday of every month (Aug 31)
Time: 8am – 1pm
Address: Spring Summer Restaurant opposite The Racquet Club on Soi Promsri, between Sukhumvit Soi 39 and Soi 49.
Tel: 02 392 2747-8
E: http://[email protected]
F: http://facebook/springepicureanmarket

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