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Sunday Brunch with Kids, The Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit

The Square Restaurant,
Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit

Open: Sundays, 11.30am – 3pm
Where: 566 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini
Adults: 1,499 Baht (includes ++, free flow drinks, wine and draught beer)
Kids: Under 6 free; under 12 receive 50% discount
Special: Holders of select credit cards receive 2 for 1 pricing
Reservations: 02 305 6000 ext. 1632
Visit here for more details

Bangkok boasts a handful of noteworthy ‘Sunday brunch’ buffets, and we’ve had the pleasure of frequenting most. Pre-toddler, we would bathe in the leisure of formal dining, sipping wine and indulging in soufflé. These days we race through meals trying not to disturb other guests, pull crayons out of food, and ask for extra napkins to mop up the ___ (insert basically anything here!).

With Valentine’s Day looming and no alone time on the calendar, we decided to head out for Sunday brunch at The Square Restaurant, Novotel Ploenchit. We arrived just before 11.30am and the staff were in an organised frenzy, aligning cakes, turning on the pop corn machine and setting up for the onslaught of guests.

Unlike their 5 star counterparts, Novotel Ploenchit offers a modest spread of cuisine for a family-friendly price. Children under 6 eat free, and those under 12 are at 50% of the full price. The setting is modern and rich in detail, but relaxed enough to brave, with diapers, a pram and Peppa Pig in toe. Guests have over 3 hours to indulge in the spread of local and international cuisines, which includes free flow drinks, wine and draught beer.

Guests are host to a selection of cold cuts, petits fours, salad, fresh bread and whole roast carvings. Chefs prepare freshly cooked noodles, pasta and wood fired pizza on demand, as well as offer Halal and vegetarian options as needed. Asian dishes range from sushi and dim sum to Indian curries and local Thai favourites. Seafood delicacies include rock lobster, Alaska king crab, mussels and oysters served on ice. Children have an additional selection of fried foods available from the Kids Room.

A large, well-kept space at the back of the restaurant, the Kids Room houses a slider, small selection of toys, and a television playing cartoons throughout the lunch period. Parents have the opportunity to leave their children with staff (in costume!) or participate in the activities. Our son was able to decorate his own sponge cake, which he took home and enjoyed the following day. While there is a limited toy selection, the Kids Room is generally a great space for small ones to let loose and make new friends.

And like all great meals, we ended our brunch with a selection of desserts. The presentation was exquisite – formal and unified. There were no culinary marvels, but lots of chocolate, freshly baked waffles and a fridge full of New Zealand ice cream. It was a stampede of the senses, by any toddler’s standards.

Given the selection of food on offer, matched with the price and facilities available to children – we would highly recommend this brunch to families. It’s a comfortable Sunday meal, without pretence.






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