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What You Should Know About Sun Protection

With the summer comes high temperatures and long hours spent in the hot sun. Are you doing everything you can to protect your skin? Whether you’re laying at the beach or relaxing in the backyard, it’s important to don the appropriate methods of sun protection any time you leave the house. Keep these tips in mind and keep your radiant complexion looking —and feeling—its best all year long.

Sunscreen Best Practices

We all know that sunscreen is an essential component for sun protection, and one of the best ways to prevent the likelihood of developing skin cancer. However, sunscreen does more than prevent melanoma. Using sunscreen regularly can help battle signs of aging, prevent rosacea flare-ups, and help you avoid acne breakouts. With so many benefits to glean, it’s important to not only apply sunscreen, but to apply it correctly.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re coating your sensitive skin with the sun protection it needs.

  • Choosing your sunscreen: Priority number one as you shop for sunscreen – look for high levels of SPF. What is SPF? SPF stands for sun protection factor, and it’s important to always wear 30 SPF or above.
  • Applying your sunscreen: Begin at the perimeter of the face, and work towards the center; this will ensure you don’t miss the sides of the face or the hairline, which are often neglected (when this skin is left unprotected, the result can be a painful burn!). Think your current tan means you don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen? Think again. Tan lines are actually a sign of skin damage, and you need to apply sunscreen every time you leave the house.
  • Reapply: Make sure you reapply your sunscreen every 90 minutes, and do so more often if you are splashing around in the water or sweating in the summer sun.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Eyes

Sun protection isn’t all about the skin—your eyes are vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays, as well. Make sure you’re donning the appropriate eyewear when you head outside. Polarized sunglasses can deflect UV rays, keeping your peepers protected from harmful radiation and ensuring your eyesight remains razor sharp even on the sunniest of days. Browse a variety of women’s sunglasses in different shapes and shades to ensure you’ve got a pair that accentuates your face while providing the proper protection.

Sun glasses

Don’t Forget the Hat

Make sure you throw on a protective piece of headwear before heading down to the beach this summer. Your favorite old baseball cap can do the trick, but a wide-brimmed straw hat provides more protection. Why? It protects the skin of your scalp, the back of your neck, your ears, and your face! Unfortunately, baseball caps only handle the scalp and face.

Consider Rash Guards

For those who spend more time in the water than on the sand, rash guards are worth the investment—and the tan lines. When you’re out in the ocean, the reflection of the waves can leave you even more susceptible to sunburn.

Keep Your Pout Protected

Lip balm is a must-have; choose balms that contain SPF to help protect the lips from the sun’s rays—without having to deal with the unpleasant taste of sunscreen. The skin on your lips is very sensitive, and thinner than the skin on the rest of the body—make sure you’re doing your due diligence to keep it protected.

Whether it’s the sunniest day of the year or storming outside, it’s important that you arm yourself with the appropriate skin protection measures. Keep these sun safety tips in mind and make the most of your summer—while keeping your skin healthy and happy until fall arrives.

About the Author

Linda Reynolds, wife and mother of two, uses adept writing to explore her motherhood journey. Her training in Fine Writing helps her creatively relate her day-to-day experiences—from the mundane to the ornate— sharing her parenting strengths alongside humbling challenges. With candor and wit, Linda uses her blog to revisit the topics of holistic wellness and family issues, two subjects she cares deeply about. She dives deeply into any piece she writes, whether it’s on the benefits of essential oils or the dangers of too much technology for children. When she’s not writing, you can find her outside getting her hands dirty and tending to her beloved garden. Not only does she have a green thumb, but she’s member of Greenpeace and several green housing consulting organizations. These memberships and experiences make Linda an authority on sustainability and eco-friendly construction in addition to her parenting and health skill set.

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