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A Stroll in the Woods at Naiipa Art Complex

Set back on Sukhumvit 46, Naiipa Art Complex offers a leafy escape that feels far removed from the skyscrapers and air-conditioned malls more distinctive to the area.

Designed as a community mall, the modern complex was built in the backyard of a residential home owned by Sabhat “Kaey” Rakitawan. Naiipa means “in the forest” and its shaded walkways certainly give you that impression: they’re all built around a soaring garden of trees that were planted by Sabhat’s grandparents between 30 to 40 years ago.

At the heart of Naiipa is a noble intention: to bring a little natural life and green space back to Bangkok. As well as sending out a much-needed conservation message, this forested retreat also offers a lovely green space to bring the kids.

Along with a large grassy lawn area, wooden walkways rise up into the trees and connect to a series of gleaming glass buildings. As you climb steadily higher, it all gives you a sense of being submerged in the forest – an experience that feels welcome if not a little peculiar when you’re in the heart of Bangkok.

There’s also a branch of the coffee shop Li-Bra-Ry located on the ground floor of the complex, which makes for a great pit stop if you feel like taking the weight off your feet.

Seats are limited inside, but an outdoor sitting area offers a quiet place to sip your cappuccino in the shade. Although, you might want to opt for one of their specialities such as the Black Honey Espresso. The signature Pandan Waffle is also worth a try to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings!

As well as offering Bangkok residents a tucked-away urban oasis, there’s also a co-working space, art gallery, recording studio, dance studio, private event space and on-site gym.

If you’re in the area, this quiet haven is the perfect place to help you feel one step closer to nature.

Naiipa Art Complex is located on Sukhumvit 46 and around a 3-minute walk from Phra Kanong BTS.

Image credit: Naiipa Art Complex

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