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Space Inspirium Opens in Chonburi

Thailand’s Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) has opened the Space Inspirium on its premises in Chonburi this month, aiming to instill and inspire interest of space in children and young people. Here, visitors can enjoy and expand their understanding of the earth, space, and geo-informatics through interactive learning exhibits.

Space Inspirium consists of 13 zones, each with its own unique qualities. For example, Zone 1 (Universe) explains the beginning of Universe, and addresses related questions such as “Why are there living things on Earth?”, “What factors allow living things to survive on Earth?” and “Why don’t we float off the Earth?” Answers are presented through VDO projection systems in a holographic theatre.

Zone 2 (Historical Technology of Space) explains the evolution of traveling through space, presenting the science used during many eras; it focuses on space philosophy, explorers and technology. Kids can also enjoy a Space Mission Game, where they try sending spacecrafts and satellites into orbit. Zone 3 (Life Begins in Space) explains the preparation necessary to travel in space; the focus is the Gyroscope that demonstrates anti-gravity astronaut training. Zone 4 (Space Station) explains issues of life in space and living on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Space Inspirium’s main highlight is a 3D theatre which tells a space adventure story through the relationship between a father and son. The story encourages curiosity about space, cultivating ideas from generation to generation. Furthermore, a Mars-simulation room contains astronauts, aliens and vehicles on Mars – ready for kids to explore. The presentation includes applicable uses of nature, the environment, agriculture, topography and disaster protection, all which is presented through a city building game and a farming game.

All the exhibits and shows are currently in Thai; English versions are being developed but it has not been announced when they will be rolled out. Nonetheless, if you’re in the Sriracha area, drop by for a visit. Non-Thai speaking children will still enjoy the displays and interactive exhibits.

Space Inspirium is about a 2 hour drive from Bangkok, in Sriracha district, Chonburi (GPS coordinates: 13°06’09.3″N 100°55’49.6″E). It is open daily from 9am to 5pm; admission is free for Thai residents until April 9, 2016. For more info, please call 081-915-2374.

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