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Simple Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, a great holiday for crafts! Here are three easy ideas, all inspired by the garden, to try out with the kids at home.

1. Drying petals for card decoration

Drying flowers, petal and leaves is rarely seen these days. The difference is that now the choice of flowers is really something spectacular to behold and is a far cry from the rose petals and daisies we were used to drying.

You will need:

·       A collection of your favourite petals and flower heads from the garden

·       Some heavy books

·       Some blotting paper

Place the petals and flowers between two sheets of paper and flatten them between two weights of your choice (books are good). It should take between one to two weeks for the plants to dry out fully but make sure they’re not too brittle or they’ll fall apart. Create a design on card or paper with the dried materials — maybe in the shape of a heart or a bunch of flowers. You’ll be amazed at how well they’ll be received!

2. Stone painting for decoration inside and outside the home

Secret love messages can be written, pictures drawn or just random displays of art created to show someone you care.

You will need:

·       A collection of stones of any shapes and size

·       Paint of varying colours

·       Outdoor varnish (optional)

·       Paint brushes

Clean, dry and paint the stones in Valentine’s inspired design. Leave to dry in the sunshine and varnish if you like. Instead of paint, younger children can use pencils or markers. Nail polish works well too, but with adult supervision!

3. Plant the seed of love

Create a card for a loved one with any design or picture on the front (even using the dried flowers from above) and give a seed inside the card attached to a piece of decorated, labelled cardboard.

You will need:

·       A packet of seeds – most supermarkets have them. Choose what you would like to give. To keep with the love theme, you could choose chillies or tomatoes.

·       Three x 10cm cardboard strips, cut to a point and decorated as desired

·       A non-toxic water soluble glue (to prevent the seed from being smothered and allow it to breathe and germinate when planted)

·       A little card giving growing instructions

Carefully remove the seeds from the packet and place two or three on each piece of card. Using a non-toxic water soluble glue, stick the seeds to the card at the bottom of the strip. Get the kids to write a really brief list of instructions on how to grow the seeds, such as:

·       Plant me in well-draining soil so that the cardboard is about 4cm above the top

·       Water me

·       Put me in the sunshine

·       Watch me grow!


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Photo credit: Arty Crafty Kids

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