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Science & Discovery at The Bangkok Planetarium

Bangkok Planetarium

For any kids interested in science & astronomy, not far from Ekkamai BTS station you can find The Bangkok Planetarium, observatory and Science Center for Education. Established since 1964, this is now an important centre and useful for the study of geography, science and astronomy. The center provides a place for young kids and students who love science to get together and learn from real simulation. This technique is proven to develop a more clear understanding than lecturing in class and allows kids to learn through interactive displays, hands-on experiments and journeys to the stars in a fun environment.

The building is separated into a main planetarium and observatory hall and another 4 individual exhibitions halls each displaying a different science topic. Apart from the exhibition halls, there are exhibition buildings which narrate stories, such as Bee and Tiger tales, water displays where kids can learn about water pressure, multiplication, balancing and dream cast through sand play. They also have a giant solar energy exhibition which has some real examples of solar energy in front of the exhibition hall.

Planetarium Hall

Consisting of a star projection room which has different presentations every 2 months. The topics are displayed on their dome ceiling inside the hall which serves as a giant movie theatre in the ceiling. Kids feel like they are traveling to the stars and moving from planet to planet!

Exhibition Hall 2

Here they exhibit the advancing technologies in various fields, such as THEOS, Quickbird, and Terra satellite, etc. There are also scientific experiment corners such as Fun science, Space touch and a rolling gyrosphere which various virtual interactive displays.

Exhibition Hall 3

Here is Underwater World where they exhibit the wonders of natural life in the oceans and rivers, looking at rare and endangered fish, economic fish, freshwater and saltwater fish. Kids can learn about the tides of the ocean, impact of rivers in communities and discover all kinds of aquatic animals and shells.

Exhibition Hall 4

This is the Nature and Environment hall and by far the most popular with kids as here they can find the Dinosaur exhibition. There are 6 zones, consisting of Jurassic dinosaurs, The World of insects, Kids town exhibition, Weird life, and Our Nature legacy display.

The ticket office is located in front of the Building 2 and the card is divided into 2 parts:
1. Planetarium ticket, adults 30 baht/children 20 baht. The sessions in English is, adults 50 baht/children 30 baht. (Don’t forget to check the shows times) It lasts around 1 hour.
2. The ticket for the 3 exhibitions halls is 30 baht for adults/children 20 baht.

Open every Tuesday-Sunday at 9am – 4.30pm.

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