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Rugby School’s Bespoke Journey into Sixth Form

What makes a great Sixth

Choosing a Sixth Form for your child comes with a lot of considerations. Whether you want A Levels or IB, a day school or boarding options, a city campus or something more spacious. 

Rugby School Thailand’s Sixth Form centers around the idea of a bespoke journey for every student, which culminates in the common goal of achieving top A Level results in subjects that support university and career goals. Every student’s experience will be unique at Rugby School Thailand (RST). Here are some of the ways they’ll create a bespoke journey for your child:

A Level Qualifications

A Levels are the gold standard qualification for entry into UK universities – but they are also globally recognised. Unlike the IB, A Levels offer students flexibility to do any combination of three to five subjects. 

Rugby school 6th form

Career Support

Whether there is a definite path in mind or early ideas based on strengths and interests, RST gives early, individual career support that enables students to select A Level subjects that will give them the best opportunities.

Sixth Form Tutors

RST students meet their tutor twice weekly throughout the year, building a professional working relationship that supports academic and pastoral needs with objective, non-judgemental and empathetic guidance. 

What makes a great Sixth

Regional University Specialists (global)

For most RST students, the end goal with A Levels is to secure a university place. The School’s university counsellors are regional specialists who can offer niche information and guidance for different application processes and needs across the globe. This includes Oxbridge application support.

Enrichment & Additional Qualifications

Alongside an award-winning daily co-curricular programme that will enrich each student’s learning journey, Sixth Form students have the opportunity to do SATS, IELTS, IPQ, Oxbridge Preparation and various other specialist entrance exams and qualifications.

What makes a great Sixth

University Preparation Course 

The unique ‘University Preparation Course’ equips students for real life beyond school. It covers everything from budgeting and cooking, to the social side of university, adding value to the academic experience and safety, such as self-defence, drug awareness and relationships. 

Rugby School Thailand’s Sixth Form can guide your child successfully through A Level exams and university offers, whilst preparing them for life ahead. To find out more, contact the admissions team: [email protected]


On 27th November Rugby School Thailand is having a Sixth Form ‘Discovery Day’, where you can find out more about the Sixth Form experience. The event has been designed so you can join in-person or online to explore the fantastic 80-acre campus. The School will be offering personalised student-led tours, so you can talk to current Sixth Form students about school life and gain genuine insights. In addition, there will be valuable talks from key members of staff.

To find out more or sign up, please click here

Take a Sneak Peek Here

We are a unique British international school in Pattaya, Thailand. Our ethos ‘the whole person, the whole point’ means that while academic excellence lies at the heart of the Rugby School experience, sport, music, art, drama and co-curricular activities are in no way peripheral. Every child has space to thrive in this glorious Chonburi campus with its first-class facilities.

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