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Review: A Sunday Brunch By DoubleTree That Is A True “Dee Lite”

Dee Lite DoubleTree Sunday Vibes Brunch

It takes a special place to offer up food, ambience and options that provide something that appeals to all members of our five-person family. Happily, the Dee Lite Sunday Vibes Brunch does just that, and a little bit more.

Arriving unexpectedly early at the restaurant, we had a few minutes to check out the DoubleTree’s cool, retro design elements, which include wall decorations fashioned from things like cassette tapes and old radios. Our children also enjoyed investigating a display of old phones and other devices just outside the restaurant entrance. There is also something of a “hidden” lounge area just after the lobby that offers a great space to relax and chat – before or after – a good meal.

Dee Lite Brunch

Dee Lite restaurant is located just off the lobby on the Soi 26 entrance to the DoubleTree and instantly takes your mind off of the busy streets of Bangkok with mellow lighting and a variety of lounge-type seating options. As you would expect, we were greeted by friendly and very helpful staff who chose a table that fit our non-standard family size. After seating, we discovered that we not only had access to all of the wonderful food options on display, but also a variety of a la carte options, such as salmon eggs Benedict and duck breast tortellini (both of which we tasted and enjoyed).

The main offering of the Sunday Vibes Brunch is the buffet that is presented to diners along the entire length of the restaurant. There is no lack of variety with options such as:

  • A raw bar offering everything from creative sushi and sashimi, to fresh oysters and a selection of cured meats.
  • A wok station that provides guests with the option to craft a dish of their own creation using a wide selection of meats, fish, vegetables, spices and sauces.
  • A salad bar that boasts a healthy selection of greens, vegetables, cheeses and breads.
  • A BBQ station with everything from prawns and crab to beef and pork ribs (our children didn’t know quite what to do with the “whole pig” on display for carving).
  • A desert selection that goes toe to toe with any in BKK, offering fresh doughnuts, cakes, ice creams and more.

Drinks are not included in the standard brunch price, but Dee Lite can, of course, cater to essentially any drink preference – from piping hot lattes to fresh, cool daiquiris.

Dee Lite Sunday Vibes BrunchWhile we truly appreciated the wide variety of flavors and options, the favorite dishes for the adults were the creative sushi from the raw bar and the Eggs Benedict. And, although we did insist they eat a balanced meal, I’d be lying to you if I said that our children ranked anything above the dessert options!

Again, as a family of five, dining out can very often be much more of a hassle than anything else. However, the DoubleTree and Dee Light have taken this into consideration and include complimentary access to the hotel swimming pool and kid play area (both located on the 7th floor) with the purchase of the Sunday Vibes Brunch. Also available poolside are a selection of “kid friendly” meal options, like chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers (purchased separately). I think this is a great outlet for the children (assuming you have someone who can supervise the children) so that adults can take their time with all there is on offer in the restaurant.

DoubleTree Play Area

Located on Soi 26, the DoubleTree Hotel is fairly easy to access via the Prom Phong BTS (although you’ll have to be prepared to walk a few hundred meters). The Sunday Vibes Brunch at Dee Lite is open from 12 noon until 3 pm and priced at THB 1,290 net. Drink packages include beer, wine and spirits (THB 499 for 2 hours); sparkling wine at THB 999 per bottle, and special offers on Chang bottled and draught beer. Finally, all ladies dining at Dee Lite between 2 pm and 3 pm on Sundays enjoy complimentary selected frozen cocktails.

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