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Rest & Recharge with Wellness Retreats

Each year, billions of people around the world take time off from their crazy hectic lifestyles in an attempt to relax and recharge. Contrary to the regular vacation, which is quite simply a time off from daily routine, retreats are enriching getaways that provide a safe sanctuary to allow a deeper physical, and emotional withdrawal from the stresses and strains of everyday life.


From delicious healthy meals, healing therapies, counseling, meditation, yoga and much more, retreats offer a healthy alternative to a regular holiday break, allowing one to truly unplug, harmonize your body and mental wellbeing, and get your natural rhythms back on track. Not completely convinced?

While the reasons to go to a retreat are endless, here are 4 reasons to consider taking a wellness retreat this year and… you will thank yourself for it on the long run.

1. Time to reflect, renew and restore

Relish true “me time” to reconnect with your inner self, bringing back the zest, the joy of life, and gaining clarity to make more meaningful decisions. According to a research study published in Translational Psychiatry (Nature), regular holidays only bring about short-term improvements in well-being; whereas going on a week’s yoga and meditation retreat can improve metabolism for the long-run.

Wellness retreats are also usually situated in serene locations close to nature, such as at the beach, offering you the perfect setting and space to forget about the hustles of life. Natural environments affect human health and well- being both directly and indirectly. Nature provides opportunities for stress recovery and physical activity: clean air, calm surroundings, and greenery are the perfect ingredients to unwind.

2. Shift to a healthier and more conscious way of life

A holistic approach to retreats, combining healing therapies, yoga, meditation, healthy meals and a soothing environment tend to shift people towards a more conscious and healthier approach to life. After a retreat, participants tend to return to their busy, demanding lives with a sense of renewal, empowerment and clarity. The experience gained helps them make more conscious decisions in life. They learn to factor in healthy practices without feeling guilty about taking time out for themselves.

3. Access to experts for guidance

Retreats include yoga , meditation, physical activities, healing treatments , or counseling sessions by experts who allow you to see your own shortcomings, and support you to find balance and a sense of well-being. These sessions are personalized based on your needs and condition, and enable you to not only improve your well-being while at the retreat, but also provide you with simple tools and practices to take home with you after the retreat ends.

4. Unplug for improved decision making

Did you know that multitasking and the addiction to digital stimulation lead to poor decision- making? In an era of email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, we are all required to do several things at once; however, this continuous multitasking is taking its toll. According to Earl Miller, a neuroscientist at MIT, the constant external stimulation of multitasking has been found to increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol as well as the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline — both can overstimulate your brain and cause mental fog or scrambled thinking.

Mindfulness and meditation are exactly the opposite; they are the act of dedicating conscious time to your actions so you make good decisions. By going to a wellness retreat to unplug, in addition to practicing mindfulness through meditation and yoga, your decision making skills are enhanced.

So, for your next holiday, choose a retreat that will allow you to unwind and resolve any pending concerns, challenges empowering you to regain control and reclaim joy of life.


Aleenta offers a wide range of wellness retreats on stress relief and life enhancement in Hua Hin:

  • Pause and Restore: 3-5 August 2018, 2-4 November 2018 (Mention BKK Kids upon check-in for a free gift package)
  • Stress & Burnout Prevention: 22-26 September 2018, 24-28 October 2018, 20-24 February 2019
  • Turn the Page-Life Enhancement:14-20 January 2019

There are also upcoming retreats in the Phuket resort. Search for an upcoming retreat at Aleenta to match your needs and interests.

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