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Release the Little Artist Inside Your Child

Every child is a truly an artist. Although you may not see these inherent talents, they can be ignited in many ways. Here’s how to release the little artist inside your child.

Shake off the Stuffy Moniker

When most people think ‘art’, they think of a painting in an art gallery. For most people, this does not provoke the emotion of excitement, and for kids, a trip to an art gallery is the equivalent of punishment. So how do you release the artistic potential of your little Rembrandt, Picasso, or Mozart? The first step is to broaden the definition of art.

Art Is Everywhere

While intellectually we all know that art takes a variety of forms, the word ‘art’ is still strongly associated with traditional (read: old and boring) forms. But modern technology and cosmopolitan living has given us a plethora of new and exciting ways to express ourselves artistically.  Graffiti, which was once seen as nothing but vandalism, has flourished into a respected art form. Improv and stand-up comedy, which were once laughed at (and not in a good way) by pretentious art critics, has exploded as the new form of popular performance.

Start Art Early

Exposing your child to the joys of artistic expression early on will greatly increase the quality of their lives as they develop. Children with a strong foundation in art are more likely to succeed, show a great sense of empathy, and exhibit better critical thinking skills.

Lisa Vance, Director of Creative Creation’s Urban Arts Camp, explains their atypical choices when programming the Bangkok camp: “We wanted to put together a series of workshops for kids that would be fun, exciting, new, and most importantly, different. We have stayed away from traditional art forms, and have gone with things that people might not immediately associate with artistic expression. We want kids to understand that there are many ways to be an artist.”

Multiple Artistic Outlets

Artistic expression at its fundamental base is about connecting with the imagination. Critical thinking and innovation have become the buzz-words of modern management theory, as managers try to reconnect their employees with the imaginations they had when young. “Children have amazing imaginations. What they need to discover are constructive ways to express it,” explains Vance, who has co-ordinated several arts camps in Canada before coming to Bangkok. “We have included workshops on things like magic, improvised comedy, balloon animals, and decorative soap making. This allows kids to not only explore these fun activities, but gives them experiential understanding of fact that art comes in all shapes and sizes,” says Vance.

Ideal for kids ages 6 to 12, the Urban Arts camp includes workshops on Hip-Hop dance, Soap Making, Stand-up Comedy, Balloon Animals, Improv Comedy, Zombie Face-painting, Spray-paint Art, and Magic. The camp runs from 4 to 6 July 2016. Register now as there are only 20 spots available!

For more information, visit www.CreativeCreationsBangkok.com.

Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored content from Creative Creations.

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