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Using Nature to Foster Learning: Raintree International School, Sathon

Opening in August 2017, Raintree International School offers progressive early childhood education to children aged 1 ½ to 5 years old in an idyllic green location. With a keen focus on a combined Reggio Emilia and British curriculum, Raintree is dedicated to developing each child to their full potential through purposeful play and discoveries within inspiring and sustainably designed learning spaces.

Raintree has created a green oasis in the centre of a concrete jungle. The school’s structure has been created around the glorious raintrees (or Chamchuri in Thai) found throughout the site. Each tree has been preserved and cared for, with the shape of the building offering some spectacularly designed curves to ensure that the trees remain an important part of Raintree’s learning community.

The thoughtful care and attention to the site, trees and physical surroundings are reflected in the ethos of the educational programme and philosophy of the founders and staff.

Recognising that learning in today’s world must be multi-faceted and encompass lessons both in and out of the traditional classroom, Raintree’s founders sought to create a unique international school for the development of 21st century global leaders. To achieve this, the school offers a strong language programme to assist each child to learn English and Chinese, as well as to develop understanding of Thai language and culture.

Children are encouraged, through the school’s state-of-the-art play areas, to explore and investigate, as well as to gain a strong understanding of wider environmental issues. For instance, children will be learning about growing food, and how to nurture what nature offers us, through an organic farm space which gives the children a chance to get their hands dirty while cultivating their own food.

The founder and director, Phannaroj Chalitaporn (Mai), has been meticulously working with educational experts to ensure that Raintree provides an exceptional and dedicated atmosphere for children to thrive. ‘We strongly believe that the environment is a fundamental component to what and how children acquire knowledge, and we are passionate about offering a platform to think and learn multi-dimensionally’ says Mai. ‘Every aspect of our school is conceptualised specifically to encourage our children, through interactions with their surroundings within our diverse community of learners, to grow into thinkers with a healthy, lifelong sense of intellectual curiosity. Our goal is to lay the foundation for children to become conscientious and socially-aware citizens of the world.’

To find out more about the school:

Website: www.raintreethailand.com

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 063-230-8000

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