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Perspectives about being Thai at Museum Siam

Decoding Thainess Museum Siam

Our family recently took a creative journey into what it means to be Thai at Museum Siam. Everyone in the family enjoyed the adventure and came away with something different that they learned about the country we live in and its people.

About Museum Siam

The permanent exhibition at Museum Siam is called Decoding Thainess. Open since December of 2017, the exhibit is withstanding the test of time well and still feels fresh and modern. The exhibit explores Thai geography, history, culture, art, politics and more. Visitors walk through the museum across two floors and 14 rooms – each uniquely designed to engage you in a different way. While visitors are ushered in a particular direction through the museum, each room is a complete experience on its own. (Note: BKK Kids originally reviewed the museum back in 2017. Check it out here.)

More than happy with the experience

If I’m completely honest, our family ventured to Museum Siam not really knowing what we were getting into. It was a typical weekend day and we were just looking for something cultural to do as a family. We also were not prepared for the quality of the exhibit, as one never really knows what you might be getting into as you explore the city.

We were more than pleasantly surprised, on all accounts and all ages. All three of our children enjoyed interacting with the displays (the adults did too!). In fact, we liked the exhibit so much, that it was difficult to choose our “favorites” after we left. We especially enjoyed:

The recipe maker. All three of our children loved pulling dishes off the wall in a room about Thai food. The dishes were placed on tables with sensors that read each dish and then display different foods, recipes and ingredients.

The Timeline. One of the rooms contained an automated display which walked through a timeline of Thai culture, politics and history. The entire family was transfixed by the interactive feature which was accompanied by a clear story line.

It was especially helpful to have audio guides for the duration of the exhibit. The explanations of each room were detailed and complete, and also included excellent thought provoking questions. These questions offered us an opportunity as a family to discuss what we’ve experienced as Thai, what our preconceived ideas were and how our views may have changed as a result of our visit.

Other displays

As with most museums, Museum Siam has other displays available that rotate from time to time. When we visited, outside the main exhibit halls, the museum featured displays about Tatoos, and their place in Thai culture and history.

If you decide to go:

  • Location / Address: 4 Sanam Chai Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
  • Nearby public transportation: Sanam Chai MRT (worth it!)
  • Dates: Permanent Exhibit
  • Times: 10:00am – 6:00pm Tuesday – Sunday (open on Public Holidays)
  • Price: 400 THB (Free after 4pm!)
  • Ages: All ages

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