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Performing Arts with Curtain Up Drama & Magic School

Curtain up drama

As Bangkok’s longest running drama school, Curtain Up Drama & Magic have a wide range of classes and offer a variety of workshops so there is something for everyone. They also run extracurricular activities at over 20 international schools in Bangkok, offer holiday drama programmes as well as that extra special performance based birthday party! As part of uniquely created courses, students will rehearse for an end of term production so that every individual has their chance to shine!

They strongly believe that Performing Arts play an incredibly important role in a child’s education. Drama, dance, singing & music all provide various skills that can be used in day to day life, as well as later in life. Their courses focus on :

  • Developing teamwork and leadership skills through activities and performances.
  • Self expression through drama, music, movement, art and magic.
  • Learning critical and imaginative thinking through improvisation.
  • Building self-confidence and creating lasting friendships and memories.
  • Improving communication skills that can be applied to real-life situations.
  • Helping to understand diverse points of view which encourages empathy and compassion of others.

Creativity Takes Courage So They Encourage Creativity

Curtain Up teach all aspects of theatrical performance, which include acting, singing, dancing and magic! They cater to the needs of all performers from pre-school to young adults, whether they are confident talents or reserved and shy.

Encouraging, Nurturing & Developing Young Dreamers

For 12 years, Curtain Up Drama & Magic have been providing unique and professional classes and performance experiences for students of all ages. Each workshop is designed to encourage individuality and self expression with themes from your favourite Disney classics to the more traditional drama performances. Classes are split according to age groups and at the have some exciting and interactive online theatre programmes for your children! Learn more here.

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