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5 Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens & Teens

Throw your tween and/or teen an unforgettable birthday bash, with a unique and fun experience with family and friends. Here are 5 ideas for such parties.

1. Host a dance or disco party in Bangkok’s first and only mobile party unit: Party Bus Bangkok! With the capacity to host up to 30 people, the specially equipped bus features a DJ station, a high quality sound system, LCD TV screens, LED lighting systems, a bathroom, and comfortable seating. Set any theme or program you like. And the bus isn’t limited to the usual birthday party places – it can safely transport kids wherever they want to go, including a number of family-friendly attractions in town.

2. Get the adrenaline pumping at IMPACT Speed Park, an 800 metre outdoor kart track with catering facilities for events and private parties. Fast, fun and easy to use, while having zero emissions, the electric karts provide the ultimate driving experience for any skill level. Safety is a priority: the circuit includes a special track surface to improve grip, international standard TECPRO safety barriers and an experienced track management team. Great racing and pure enjoyment await.

3. Spend the day celebrating at Zanook Wake Park with water skiing, wake boarding and/or standup paddling (SUP) on a large freshwater lake. The equipment encompasses a clock-wise cable suitable for regular-foot riders but it’s also a fun challenge for goofy-footers to improve their riding skills. Also, enjoy Zanook Aqua Park, dodging, sliding, and climbing the obstacle courses and artificial cliff in the middle of the lake. Take a break for lunch and cake a the on-site restaurant.

4. How about a round of FootGolf? It is exactly what its name suggests: football played like golf, with each game lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. Basically, this precision sport involves players kicking a football to a pin using as few shots as possible. Players take turns in kicking the ball through 18 specially designed holes. The game is best played on a golf course – the scenic Sawang Resort Golf Club to be precise! The club is located in Petchburi province, about a one-hour drive from Bangkok (on the way to Hua Hin).

5. Not keen on physical pursuits? Take a mental challenge then, at one of Bangkok’s interactive escape room games such as Ticket to Mystery or The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok. Kids get into teams and compete with one another in searching for clues, solving puzzles and finding their way out of themed rooms — all before it’s too late!

Also, GoSnoop takes the sleuthing game outdoors – meet in a secret location, get briefed by a game master and set off on a mission, while Amazing Adventure Bangkok combines physical and mental challenges with interactive discovery of local places such as temples, markets, and bizarre spots.

Photo Credit: Party Bus Bangkok

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