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New Playground Review: KiZventure Park

KiZventure Park, located directly after The Circle on Ratchapruek Road, offers a great morning or afternoon of active place for toddlers and children. The setup is relatively large (but not quite as big as Funarium in Sukhumvit 26) and well run, with quality equipment, ample safety features and a high level of cleanliness.

On the premises, you’ll find the standard climbing frames with obstacles, ropes to climb up, big balls to manoeuvre around, a shooting range with foam balls, mini flying fox (kids sit on the ball and swing across a straight plane) and lots of slides. The highlight is the tube slide, where children carry the tubes to the top (either by themselves or with the help of staff) and sit inside. The tubes fly down the slide and come to a safe and steady stop at the bottom –  exhilarating and fun!

The play area also features a small Cruzee strider bike track with bikes and helmets available; an electric car track, which is small but kids ride around and under the playing frame; a fenced-off basketball area; and an interactive light/musical mini golf course with a jungle theme. The latter takes up a third of the building and is located at the front. If kids are finding it too hard to hit the ball up the special ramp tracks, they can simply go around them and continue playing.

Overall, the equipment is very sturdy and built with safety in mind. Every slide seems to slow at the base, and there is padding on every single bar and frame. There is plenty of staff around, and all were happy and helpful. Also, the setup is well organised in that the lunch space is positioned in a corner where parents can see the toddler zone and kids area.

Food is conveniently available on premises, including some Thai meals, such as omelette on rice, green curry, fried rice, etc., and western foods like chips and pasta. This is great for kids that want to keep playing through lunchtime. Prices range from about 90 to 200 baht per dish, which is along the lines of pricing seen at other indoor playgrounds.

The payment scheme at KiZventure Park is pretty standard: patrons pay a basic entrance fee of 200 baht for kids up to 105 centimetres (below 4 years old); 320 baht for kids 105 centimetres and up (ages 4 to 13 years); and 100 baht for adults (over 13). Entrance is free for seniors over 60. Our only complaint was that a friend with a 7 month old baby who cannot walk was charged the toddler rate.

Everyone gets a wristband to scan for other in-house purchases (cars are 80 baht extra, mini golf is 80 baht extra, etc.). Lockers are available at no charge. Socks are required. There is also an ample selection of food, snacks and drinks in the immediate area, as well as parking out front for about 20 cars.

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