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Navigating a World in Code at NIST

kids coding at NIST school

Teaching children to navigate a world in code is a vital life skill as we now live in a world built on programs, from the phones in our hands to the planes we use to cross the globe, yet so few of us understand how those programs actually work. Coding is at the heart of modern technology, but despite its pervasiveness, children often do not learn it at home or school. By starting coding at an early age, students are empowered to understand how the technology around them works, and perhaps even puts them at the forefront of future careers. Looking for ways to help your child learn? Check out some of the programs and tools geared at younger audiences.

Everyone Can Code

Over a period of two weeks, our students delved into this foundation of modern life, with even children in early years learning the essential elements of coding. Through programs like Swiftplayground, Kodable, Hopscotch and Scratch Jr., they created interactive games and explored programming languages, while also using physical manipulatives to develop an understanding of logic, sequencing and patterns.

Painting With Robots

How many of us had the opportunity to play with robots in school when we were children? That’s exactly what our year 2 students have been doing as they learn how to make their own robots move, speak and change color. By mastering the basics of coding and debugging, they learn through trial and error, building resilience and strengthening their problem solving and logical thinking skills. 

Find out more about learning at NIST on our Facebook page, and visit our website for enquiries. 

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