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My Globetrotter Books for Kids

Globetrotter Books

With kids stuck at home during the long school holidays or possibly stuck in either quarantine or isolation after traveling to and from Bangkok, My Globetrotter Books have created a brilliant kids’ activity book on all things about Bangkok – Bangkok City of Angels. There is plenty to discover about Bangkok with this new activity book which is recommended for children aged six to 12. The books are great for families traveling to Bangkok or residents looking to encourage the kids to discover and learn more about the City of Angels.

My Globetrotter Books are a collection of activity books designed to open our children’s horizons. Their new Bangkok title invites kids to find the hidden objects in a historical scene, lead a tuk-tuk through a maze, find coordinates in a floating market, draw a Royal Barge on the Chao Phraya, and much more. Each page is packed with activities that challenge the mind and offer a unique way to explore this fascinating city. You can find out more details on their website here.

About The Author

Filled with fun facts and history details, the Bangkok edition of author Marisha Wojciechowska’s around-the-world series, which also includes Tokyo, Singapore and New York. The 52-year-old Canadian has lived in various cities with her son, who is now 15. She has visited the country several times for work and leisure in the last 15 years.

On her series, she says: “I would love for the books to become a child’s go-to gateway to the world, expanding as many horizons as possible.”

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Marisha has offered 3 lucky BKK Kids winners the opportunity to win one of these activity packed books, please click HERE for further details.

Photo credit: MarieMarine Photographie

Info: Bangkok: My Globetrotter Book Bangkok, City of Angels is available from Asia Books HERE

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