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Movie-going with Kids in Bangkok

Planning on taking your kids to the movies for the first time? Here are 5 essential tips to make it a great experience, with recommendations on some of Bangkok’s very best cinemas.

1. Pack Your Own Snacks

One of the great things about going to the movies? Movie snacks! But to save money on buckets of popcorn and sweet treats, why not bring a selection of your child’s favourite snacks instead? Giving them a mix of sweet and savoury light bites to munch on will also help avoid a potentially epic, mid-movie sugar rush. Of course, indulging now and then is no bad thing. When the right time comes, do it in style and book VIP tickets at SF World Cinema at CentralWorld or Emprive Cineclub at Emporium. As well as buffet-style appetizers and free munchies in the lounge, free drinks and popcorn are served to you during the movie.

2. Be Prepared To Let Them Roam

Asking your little one to sit still for a whole movie is a big ask. Apart from the occasional toilet break, they might just want to wander around and explore their strange new environment. Designed especially for families, Happiness Theatre at SF World Cinema CentralWorld is the perfect place to take them. Along with sofa seating and bean bags, there are open spaces to walk around – perfect for little explorers! This small cinema plays a wide range of child-friendly films, and popcorn and drinks are included with the ticket price.

3. Bring Toys

During their first full movie, your child’s attention span may begin to wane, so it’s worth bringing a couple of favourite toys along to keep them entertained (although ideally, nothing too noisy or distracting). Holding a familiar toy in their hands might help your little one to settle down and feel more relaxed during this new experience. And because a lot of Bangkok’s theatres are located in the city’s shopping malls, you can always treat them to a new toy to mark their first cinema experience!

4. Keep them Comfortable

A lot of Bangkok’s theatres turn the air conditioning up full blast, making them feel sub-zero chilly at times. To make sure your little ones aren’t shivering throughout the show, bring along one of their sweaters, or even a blanket to keep them warm and snug. That pesky air-con issue aside, the majority of Bangkok’s cinemas are seriously comfortable, offering soft seats and lots of legroom. But for something a little special, book one of the super-comfy twin seats with adjustable leg rests at Esplanade Cineplex Ratchadapisek, located at the Esplanade Shopping Mall. Very plush!

5. Make it Memorable

Seeing as it’s your child’s first cinematic outing, it’s worth trying to make the whole occasion as memorable as possible. How to heighten the overall experience? You could let them dress up in a costume of their favourite movie character, or see if they want to invite a friend along with them. If your child’s slightly older, maybe treat them to a 3D movie event on the IMAX theatre at Siam Paragon. Watching a movie on this theatre’s ultra-big screen is seriously impressive, and a whole lot of fun for kids and adults alike!

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