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Mofomofa: Supporting Orangutan Conservation & the Art of Batik

For those who have come across Mofomofa Estafet (or just Mofomofa) at the Passion Fair, Hope Fair or an international school fair, the most striking thing about the organization is their passion: for fun, vibrant bags and orangutan soft toys, combined with batik — underpinned by the need to raise awareness about orangutan conservation in Indonesia and keep a national art form alive.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Mofomofa has expanded its reach to Bangkok. We chatted more with Founder Seruni Petersen about her personal project. “Mofomofa’s mission is to give back to our unique and beautiful Indonesia, and inspire and acknowledge the importance of the rainforest habitat and Indonesia’s national heritage of batik” explains Seruni. “My journey started, when I meet the amazing Ibu Ulla and Barbara [long-term volunteers who work to improve the condition of orangutans in captivity], who had dedicated their lives to the survival of orangutans at Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta. They allowed me to come and visit their place where they care for many orangutans. I had a connection with the animals right away and I started coming with friends to bring food for the orangutans. I decided to dedicate myself to inspire others as I believe I can make a difference by contributing to their conservation and care,  from my heart to yours.

Through Mofomofa (“Blessing”) Estafet (“Passing On”), Seruni has fused her love for orangutans with batik, offering colourful and light foldable bags and larger tote bags in a variety of patterns and colours, each adorned with an orangutan soft toy. She also features larger soft toys like a baby orangutan doll, and coin pouches, also in varying hues. All products are made with non-toxic and non-allergenic materials, and are safe for children.

Seruni adds, “Also because of my role as a mother, I feel it is my duty to spread the message to our children and create momentum [about conservation]. This is the way a mother can inspire generations and be remembered by their children no matter how modern life gets.”

You can help support Mofomofa by purchasing their products at the Hope Fair, Passion Fair or other fairs in Bangkok. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) and Batik Foundation. They are also available to visit playgroups and schools to help educate children about about orangutans in a fun way including through storytelling.

To learn more, please visit their Facebook or Instagram pages, or contact Seruni at [email protected].
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