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Missing Person in Bangkok – Nongchai The Elf!

Missing Nongchai the elf

Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where a special scout is sent to your home from the North Pole to encourage kids to behave themselves. The idea is that Santa’s little helper watches the children by day, and each night, it returns to the North Pole to report on whether they were naughty or nice.

Elf on the shelf has been making Christmas even more magical for families all over the world and now this exciting annual tradition has been extended Bangkok families, goodness knows the kids need some extra festive fun after such a tough lock down year.

Finding Nongchai The Elf

Here is the details of the game: Finding Nongchai The Elf

Santa’s favourite elf – Nongchai – is lost in Bangkok and Santa is urging every Bangkokian to help to look for him. His features are – blue eyed boy, brown hair, last seen in green Thai costume.

He was lost this week finding his way into Bangkok so the game has started!

Reward: One lucky winner will get to bring an elf home ( to be announced on 3rd Dec but the game will continue until Christmas.)

Santa has a few helpers who are responsible for places Nongchai in different places like parks, light poles on busy streets especially during weekend where the kids go, he might even find his way into cafes!

This is a poster of MISSING NONGCHAI and a close-up from Nongchai’s passport photo so families know what they are looking for.

How to Start Playing

  • Simply follow Nongchani on his own face book page here
  • Scan the QR code every Friday or check his face book page for clues on where to try and find him over the weekends leading up to Christmas.
  • If you find Nongchai, post a photo of the him on the comment on this facebook link link there will be a QR code on every Nongchai you find, there will be a few elves to search for.
  • The QR code will link the user to the Finding Nongchai post and you just need to upload your photo into the comments section.

Good Luck!

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