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Little Footsteps: Little Steps, Big Smiles!

Nestled in Srinakarin Soi 62 in Bangna, Little Footsteps serves as a community centre of sorts, a place where children can learn, explore and play. Featuring plenty of natural hues, materials and textiles, this warm, home-like space is neither a nursery school, childcare facility nor kids’ entertainment centre; rather, it’s all three combined, addressing the varying needs of parents and children aged 18 months to 8 years.

Helen Hou, co-founder of Little Footsteps, explains, “We fill in the gaps concerning childcare, educational activities and wholesome, hands on fun, including hosting birthday parties – we try to provide whatever busy parents need.”

The day-to-day operations are run by Fany Hou, Helen’s sister and Little Footstep’s other co-founder. With a teaching background, Fany enjoys working with children and creating themed activities that promote learning through play while enhancing each child’s physical, mental and emotional development.

“We brought together our respective passions to Little Footsteps, creating a space just for children,” says Fany. “Helen loves books and reading, and created our unique library.” This striking space sports two-story floor-to-ceiling shelves, plenty of natural lighting, and cosy reading nooks for children. It also encompasses details from Guess How Much I Love You, featuring copies of the popular book in several languages, as well as carrot-shaped lighting fixtures and other rabbit-themed décor, including various representations of the Nutbrown Hares.

Little Footsteps also provides a well-stocked art and craft room, a cooking room, a board game room, a singing and dancing room, and a white room. The latter indulges kids’ penchant for messy play – here, children can freely create art in an explosion of colours. Pre-school children can enrol in on-going classes and activities, drop in for a play date with friends, or join regular “Mommy and Me” playgroups and/or Kindermusik sessions.

Throughout the year, kids can also join holiday camps, which feature a range of crafts, learning activities and opportunities for open-ended play. Catering to demand, after-school Chinese classes are also offered. Additional facilities include a separate dining room for meals, a small shop stocked with educational toys, a private room for nursing mothers, and a spacious lawn area for children to run and play outdoors.

It’s no surprise that Little Footsteps has become a popular birthday party venue. “We host lots of parties on the weekends,” says Helen. “We can provide everything, from themed décor and party games to catering. It’s like having a party at home, but without all the work for parents!”

Getting back to the basics, without high tech gadgets and screens, Little Footsteps encourages children’s natural impulses to run, jump, play and learn. From toddlers to school-aged children, growing kids benefit from being active and engaged.

For more information, please visit Little Footstep’s Facebook page or call 089-893-6988.

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