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KIS Launches The IB Career-related Programme

kis ibcp

KIS International School has launched a new IB programme forstudents to follow their passion.

KIS is a school like no other. Its size and close-knit community create a dynamic, personalized, and flexible education to suit each student’s strengths and goals.  As one of only 3 full continuum International Baccalaureate® schools in Bangkok, the learning community is large enough to provide a wide range of IB programmes and activities, yet intimate enough to offer a personalized and flexible IB education.

Given the success of its IB curriculum, KIS is launching the newest IB option, the Career-related Programme, providing yet another challenging and innovative course of study for our students. It is designed for students who want to specialize and dedicate themselves to a path they are passionate about.

Students creating a 3-D chair in our state-of-the-art design center

The Career-related Programme (CP) is a dual-enrollment programme for students in Grades 11-12 that have a strong interest in Sustainable Leadership, Sustainable Business, Art, or Design. CP students experience the best of both IB worlds; the theoretical principles and academic rigor of the Diploma Programme, along with tailored career-related studies and practical work experience. The curriculum plays to a students’ academic strengths because there is flexibility in the subjects which can be chosen, allowing students to choose those at which they excel.

The Diploma Programme

Visual arts courses encourage students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries

The Diploma Programme (DP) is for students in grades 11-12 that seek a more broad and holistic education in six different subject areas – Literature, Additional Language, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, and the Arts. Students taking the IB Diploma do not have to specialize early and they can leave their university and career options open. Within the DP, students learn to question the status quo in all of their subjects by exploring Theory of Knowledge. They practice a balanced life by engaging in Creativity, Activity and Service, and solidify their skills for in-depth research, writing, and time management through an Extended Essay.


This is a question that daring students will have to answer!

The KIS University Counseling team and IB Coordinators get to know each student on a personal level. They work closely with families to determine the most appropriate IB programme course and combination of subjects that will challenge and prepare students for university and beyond. Counseling is progressive throughout the school in all programmes.

Through university counseling, DP students explore higher learning and career opportunities

KIS inspires individuals to make the world a better place—helping students to be successful in KIS and prepared for university and beyond. Please contact [email protected] to find out more about our vibrant learning community. 

Take a Sneak Peak at KIS

Join us on Friday, March 18, 2022, from 3-5pm to learn more about our secondary school IB programme options.

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