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Introducing Astra Academy International School

Astra Academy International school

Walking into Astra Academy, your attention is immediately drawn to a sculptural art form at the heart of the campus, called the ‘Astra Absorbatory’. The flowing curves of the Absorbatory represent a device (both tangible and figurative) that gathers ideas and inspiration in the sky and from our surroundings. The Absorbatory represents how Astra Academy strives to bring the stars closer, with an understanding that much in the way of honest hard work needs to be done to challenge and stretch ourselves to realise full potential and aspirations. 

Astra Academy is the newest member of the Kids’ Academy family of schools, who have an outstanding reputation built over 18 years of international school experience in Bangkok. Opening this August 2021 for Years 1-3 (Age 5-7) and Years 7-9 (Age 11-13), as the Primary and Secondary schools grow Astra will eventually teach Year 1 through to Year 13 and feature qualified British curriculum teachers and highly competitive tuition and fees. The school has a state of the art, futuristic themed campus with impressive facilities based right in the heart of central Sukhumvit in Ekkamai soi 14.

Astra represents an innovative approach for international schools in Bangkok, bringing decades of expertise as international school operators (and parents). Teaching and learning are based on the British Curriculum, with an emphasis on nurturing real world experiences and skills as well as future-proof thinking to adapt to a fast-changing world. 

Talent Development Matrix

Just like at Kids’ Academy, Astra Academy identifies, nurtures and channels emergent passions and talents, offering opportunities to develop collaboration and leadership skills as well as fostering creative thinking through fine arts, expressive arts and design technology.

Culture of Lifelong Learning

Every member of the Astra community is expected to commit themselves to continuous learning as a way of life. Community-based CSR projects and in-school workshops enrich character, foster empathy, and combat bullying.

Extensive Afterschool Programme

Students can select from a wide range of optional Enrichment courses taking place after the school day, including second language development (English, Thai, Japanese and more), music, sports and arts, supervised studies and reading groups.

Exceptional Value

Astra Academy actively engage strategic partnerships, bringing in experts to the Enrichment program or allowing opportunities for students to venture out into the community for hands-on experience. In order to maximise the value of education, Astra has commited to holding tuition levels at the current level for at least five academic years.

Experienced, Qualified Teachers

Smaller class sizes taught in native English offer opportunities for students of varying abilities to discover talents and passions, while realising their potential and aiming for top outcomes in IGCSE and A-level exams.

Pleasant Learning Environment

The built-to-inspire campus is a green oasis in the city, conveniently located in the heart of the dynamic Ekkamai neighbourhood of central Bangkok, where Astra is committed to operating as a Zero Waste campus.

If you would like more information about Astra Academy, you may contact Jack Ruenprapan, the Head of Community at Astra Academy, at 061-7345556 or [email protected].

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