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Introducing a Unique NEW Kindergarten, Carroll Preparatory Primary & Preschool

Carroll Prep is a unique new kindergarten that focuses on self-regulation, decision-making, time-management, and self-assessment. We take a holistic approach to education in order to develop well-rounded and highly capable students. Our students take ownership of their own education, and work collaboratively with teachers and parents to build the best possible version of themselves. These skills allow our students to progress at their own pace and focus on the topics that interest them the most. Our goal is to create a unique dream school that truly has our students’ best interest in mind. We are building a foundation of life-long learning that promotes contributions to society.

The Carroll Method

The Carroll Method was developed by George Carroll, using techniques he has accumulated in over 20+ years in education. Mr. Carroll’s mother, Sarah, operated daycare centers in America for 30 years, so Mr. Carroll grew up in a learning environment and started caring for other children at a very young age. He learned a lot from that early experience, and so when he moved to Thailand, he applied those skills to his own classrooms. While living in Thailand, Mr. Carroll has worked at all levels of the system here. From government-run Thai schools to bilingual schools to elite international schools. When it came time for him to open his own learning center, his mother sent him all her materials and he combined that with his own experience and knowledge. The Carroll Method has many similarities to more commonly known learning systems, like Reggio Emilia or Montessori, but it has been customized to specifically address the needs of students living in Thailand. By combining the best practices of international systems with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by students living in Thailand, Mr. Carroll has developed a unique and effective method for helping students reach their full potential.

Mr. Carroll has been operating his learning center in Thailand since 2005. In that time, his methods have helped thousands of students and their families. We pride ourselves on students who excel academically, but also have stable emotional control and stress-free mental health. We know our methods work, because our students often test one or two years above their peers from other schools.

What Makes Us Unique

Our building is specially designed for education based the principles of functional beauty and freedom of movement. We are creating a one-of-a-kind learning space that emphasizes exploration, wonder, joy, and love, while also accounting for important factors like security, safety, integrity, functionality and efficiency. We believe that children learn best by exploring and experimenting through play, and with our expertise and dedication, we are creating a truly fun and interesting study environment. Current school design in Thailand is trapped 50 years in the past. It is time to forget about traditional classrooms, and instead look for innovative educational spaces that bring Thailand to the forefront of education in the world. Thailand, as a whole, invests so much into education, but gets very little return on that investment. We should be leaders in this field, not followers, and Carroll Prep intends to be the first to bring modern school design ideas to Thailand. Our space will use proven techniques to enhance the total development of our students and encourage their independence and creativity. We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Our small class sizes ensure that each student gets notice size classrooms in order to ensure that all students get noticed and they meet their fullest potential.

The Early Years

Young Hawk Program

Carroll Prep

Young Hawks is an activity group for parents and babies at the age of 18-30 months old. We prepare foundational skills such as dealing with separation anxiety, following classroom rules, understanding basic instructions, and developing fine/gross motor skills. Our focus is on helping babies transition to being students with as little stress as possible. We also give advice and tips for parents to continue practicing these essential skills at home.


Carroll Prep is not a bilingual school (we are, in fact, quad-lingual), and we are not an international school. We consider ourselves to be a new type of school: a hybrid school. We still comply with the Thai Early Childhood Curriculum B.E. 2560 (A.D. 2017), so our students can easily transition into Thai schools if their parents choose that system, but we also hold our students to international standards and expectations, so if the parents decide to continue in the international system, their children will be well-prepared for success. Our curriculum aims to develop a child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development, while also being a good member of their community, well-disciplined, and respectful of Thainess.

Learn more about: Early Childhood Curriculum B.E. 2560 (A.D. 2017)

With our professionalism and experience, we will guide your child to achieve our goal of a successful and happy student in the future.

Take a Sneak Peek


Meeting with our admissions staff is the best way to learn more about us. Our dedicated and knowledgeable admissions team will assist you with any questions and requests. For additional information, please check:

Tel: 02-954-2168, Website: www.carrollprep.com, Email: [email protected], LINE: @carrollprep

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