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How to Run Riot on Rainy Days

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This author seems to be growing a small pot belly. Admittedly Thai food might be partly to blame. But surely Thai weather comes into it too. At this time of year when the air can be suffocatingly humid between torrential downpours it’s easy to find yourself housebound with some seriously restless children.

We’ve put together a list of ideas for indoor activities that will get you all on your feet and channelling that youthful energy.

Dance, dance, dance, dance

There are countless benefits to dancing, even in an informal living room setting. It can improve posture, strength, coordination and burn energy without even feeling like exercise.

You could go for the technology route, investing in dance games for your games console if you have one – Just Dance Kids is popular, and you can also try Nickelodeon Dance which might be easier for smaller kids or those who struggle with coordination. Get your avatars sorted and on a scoreboard so there’s a competitive element that keeps them coming back.

With Youtube you can bring dance teachers into your living room. Set the kids up with something like Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake or some fun Bollywood. There’s also a huge selection on Saskia’s Dansschool. Get them to dress up and perform to you.

Try returning to some classic party games with a dance element. Musical statues is ideal: crank up the activity levels by going for fast-paced tunes. The hokey cokey is guaranteed to leave you all out of breath, as is the time warp.

If all else fails just let them put on their favourite songs and do some freestyle dancing in the living room.

Unleash the Olympians

Indoor mini-Olympics is a sure winner. Get the kids to help you make medals and a scorechart. They could also design and customise their own costume. Try some traditional events: long jump along the hallway, invest in a table tennis set, or get hold of some kids’ sumo suits (available to buy on Lazada). Throw in some special events too – maybe pillow case sack races and an obstacle course.

There’s an excellent guide to running your own Olympics on the Activity Village website.

Turn on the timer

There’s nothing like a ticking clock to crank up the energy levels whatever the activity. Set up a treasure hunt where the kids don’t get their final treasure unless they complete within a certain timeframe. Add an adventure element by role playing as a dragon guarding each clue and arm them with a plastic sword or a kitchen roll tube to fend you off.

Another great timed activity is den building – tell them the hurricane hits in 15 minutes and they need to build their shelter before it arrives. Or have a competition to see who can build the best den the quickest.

Games stash

Build a collection of items and games that involve getting active. Twister is a brilliant option and you might also want to get your hands on a set of pins and a bowling ball (or make your own out of upcycled plastic bottles). Other excellent items to have handy include hula hoops and a ring toss set.

For more indoor activity ideas check out this impressive list.

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