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Global Carnival Arrives in Bangkok!

The Chang Carnival Presents Global Carnival 2016 has arrived in Bangkok! A huge mobile amusement park from Europe, the carnival features 20 different rides, from adrenaline-inducing to more sedate offerings. For teens and adults who love thrills, highlights include “Booster”, a free-falling ride that drops 40 metres; “Freij’s Euro Star” extreme roller-coaster; “Top Buzz” swing that spins 360 degrees; and “Extreme”, a spider machine spinning at 5Gs on a 120 degree curve. Rides suitable for the whole family include the flying “Wave Swinger”; “River Rafting” through canyon river rapids; “Dodgem” bumper cars as well as “Tea Cups”, “Toys 4Kids”, “Mini Ship” and more.

Housed at Lumpini Square on Rama IV Road (the former site of Suan Lum Night Bazaar, accessed via Lumpini MRT station, exit 3), the carnival runs from 5 April onwards, 4pm to 10pm daily. The entrance fee is 90 baht, which does not include ride tickets (those range from 50 to 250 baht per ride). Children under 80 centimetres in height enter for free. Tickets will be available at the entrance gate as well as from www.thaiticketmajor.com.

For more info on rides and rates, please click here.

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