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Win a Kid’s Pyjama Set from Bamboobubs!

Bamboobubs was created by an expat mum of 2, Susana.

She explains, “Shortly after arriving in Bangkok with a newborn, I had a hard time adjusting to the hot humid weather and was concerned about how my little ‘BUB’ was going to adapt. I searched high and low at the time to find light, comfy, breathable clothes for him but had no luck! Back home in Australia I’d heard of bamboo and it’s amazing properties.”

“Clothing made from BAMBOO?”

“No way, surely not…”

“Isn’t that what pandas eat?…”

In response to the above, Susana said, “I hear this all the time and in the beginning that’s what I thought too… but I decided to look into this amazing fabric and try it out for myself. The result… Bamboobubs was born, from a simple desire to produce a range of bamboo baby essentials that are stylish, exceptionally soft and lightweight making it breathable, comfortable and cool to wear.”

The designs offer a timeless and gender-neutral collection of baby essentials, including clothing, swaddles, beanies and doudous.

Bamboobub’s etsy store is now open, with a few items from the collection posted and ready for purchase, with more coming soon! Make sure to “like” Bamboobubs on Facebook and “follow” them on Instagram to stay up to date with Susana’s latest creations.

And enter our giveaway for a set of children’s pyjamas, available in sizes for 18 months/24 months/3 years/ 4 years and 5 years (winner to specify size).

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