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Where to Get School Supplies in Bangkok

Looking to do some back-to-school shopping? Here’s where to find inexpensive stationery, backpacks and other school supplies in Bangkok.


SE-ED is a Thai bookstore chain with around 80 branches in the Bangkok area; most stores are located in shopping complexes such as Central Plaza and The Mall, as well as near Tesco Lotus and Makro stores. Larger SE-ED stores will stock a good selection of writing implements, art supplies, notebooks, math rulers, calculators, and electronic dictionaries, among other supplies.


A bookstore chain that’s usually located near or within a Central department store or shopping complex, B2S offers a range of stationery, art supplies, office equipment and paper products. The merchandise ranges in price but there are usually some good deals, especially if you can redeem cash with points accumulated on a Central Card.

Big C/Tesco Lotus

Superstores such as Big C and Tesco Lotus sell budget school supplies, with aisles of stationery, paper products, art supplies, backpacks and more. They also stock inexpensive uniforms, consisting of white shirts, solid coloured pants and skirts, white socks and black shoes. Alternately, superstores such as Office Mate and Office Depot feature a good selection of school supplies, as well as inexpensive printers, poster paper and other stationery items kids might need for school.

Suksaphan Panit

Suksaphan Panit is a store for students, with multiples branches around Bangkok, including near the National Stadium (BTS: National Stadium) and on Rajadamnern Klang Road, among others. While the premises are dated (also, not all stores open on the weekend), Suksaphan sells lots of school supplies, sporting goods, uniforms and teaching equipment, including poster-sized maps and globes, at inexpensive prices.

Sampeng Market

For the true bargain hunter, there’s Sampeng Lane in Chinatown. Located at Soi Wanit 1, which runs parallel to Yaowarat Road, Sampeng is a long and narrow (and quite crowded) wholesale market where you can find stationery, writing implements, backpacks and craft supplies, among a huge variety of products. This market is ideal for those buying in bulk (e.g., 3 items and up will be cheaper than buying 1 or 2 pieces), and some stores will only sell multiple items. The easiest way to get here is via the Chao Phraya Express Boat from Sathorn Pier, off Saphan Taksin BTS station. Get off at Rajchawongse Pier and walk straight for about 300 metres to get to the market.

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