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Get into the Swim at Black Mountain Water Park

If your kids have boundless amounts of energy and love playing in the water, Black Mountain Water Park should definitely be the next destination on your road trip adventures. The park was recently named one of tripadvisor’s top 25 water parks in the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

BM Water Park-45 RZ

Located just north of Hua Hin, Back Mountain is easily reachable for a day or weekend trip from Bangkok. It has a variety of fun features that will appeal to kids of many ages, including a 17-meter high tower, off of which 9 different water slides descend. A large wave pool, a beach/infinity pool and a kid’s pool provide swimming opportunities for those not wanting to brave the thrills and spills of the water slides.

A lazy river meanders through the park, offering people who just want to float along and relax a fun way to do just that. There is even a pool bar that you can swim up to and enjoy a cool drink.

Health and Safety Come First

The management of Black Mountain Water Park puts the health and safety of their guests at the top of their priority list.

Every staff member in the entire water park undergoes an extensive training program that includes first aid and CPR training in addition to water rescue. These staff members are also required to complete physical fitness tests throughout the length of their employment. This guarantees that that they always ready and able to provide assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.

Although they are not required, helmets and life jackets are available. Just ask any staff member and they will provide them.

Spend the Whole Day Here

The park houses a main restaurant that serves both Thai and Western food. There are also ice cream and snack kiosks scattered around the park.

Changing rooms with lockers, near the entrance to the park, add to the convenience. The use of the lockers is free with a 500 baht deposit for a magnetic, water-safe key. Towels can also be rented for 50 baht each.

If anyone has forgotten their swim suit, goggles, hat or sunscreen, the on-site souvenir shop will come to the rescue with a wide variety of swimwear, accessories and more for both children and adults.
BM Water Park-28

A Bigger Challenge: the Wake Park 

If you have adventurous teenagers that are up for a challenge, the Black Mountain Wake Park might be more up their alley.

The wake park consists of a lake near the water park with a 800 metre cable that runs clockwise around the lake. This cable runs at 30 kilometres an hour and provides ropes for towing wakeboarders.

Instructors are available for kids who are jumping into this activity for the first time. All the entry-level equipment needed (wakeboard, helmet and life jacket) is included in the price. You pay according to the amount of time you spend in the facility.

For more information on Black Mountain Water Park or Wake Park, including hours, location, ticketing information and more, please visit www.blackmountainwaterpark.com.

BM Water Park-15 RZ

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