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Farmtastic – Fresh Organic Food Delivered To Your Table


Eat Real Food | Minimise Waste | Support small farms

At the beginning of 2020 Farmtastic Organic Grocery took a small step to do something other businesses don’t do, to supply organic fruits and vegetables which doesn’t translate to meaning expensive. At the same time as building a business, their priority is building a community. A community that brings friendly priced, organic vegetables, fruit and grocery items directly from local farms to your home table via cool storage trucks, while supporting small farmers and connecting city life closer to real food. 

Their service is not only grocery delivery, but they are focusing on and building a responsible community who reduces waste, supports small farmers and prides themselves on knowing exactly where their food comes from. They spend their weekends hunting down small organic farms, trying their vegetables, investigating their certification and buying direct from them, so the small farmers can make more and invest more in their own sustainability.

Organic Food, Sourced Locally

They work with more than 10 local farms (USDA/EU/IFOAM/PGS certified organic farms and the farmers network in Chiangrai, Chiangmai, Nakhon Ratchasima and Ratchaburi), who brings a variety of organic products from all over the country.

“Remember organic is not only investing in your health but also an investment in your environment.”

Get Recipes With Every Order

They send Farmtastic recipe cards with every delivery, so you can cook Thai food from your own kitchen, starting this April. Request the recipes at facebook.com/farmtasticshop or [email protected]

Order Today

By taking orders in advance it enables them to make sure the food is at is freshest. You can find your favourite fruit, vegetable, or homemade sausage in their order form, which is updated every Sunday according to the farm’s availability of seasonal products.


You can also order from their site at: www.farmtasticshop.com

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