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Go All Out: Throw a Fantastic Kids’ Birthday Party

Parties are a ton of work to pull off — and the very best parties require a certain amount of planning. Here are 5 tips on how to throw a great kids’ birthday party.

1. Gather ideas and information. Choose a theme based on your child’s favourite thing, from colours and objects to book and cartoon characters. Then set the date, time and party duration. Plan a budget. Make a guest list and create the décor and activities, centring on the theme.

2. Go find the best party venue, whether it is your home, condo common room or another place. Consider the suitability of the space with your theme, guest list and party activities. Also think about how guests will get there (is it convenient enough for those who don’t drive?), and whether the facilities, such as toilets and parking, are enough. What about guest safety and security? If it is outdoors, check the weather forecast ahead of time and have a back-up plan.

3. Gotta have games! Kids love games that involve movement with a hint of competition. Also, a popular activity includes face painting. A magician is highly recommended too, especially after the games, to get the kids to wind down.

4. Get the food, snacks, drinks and cake ready. Normally, easy party fare includes finger foods, and choices are aplenty. If it’s a sit down party, consider a buffet line. The catering can be set according to the theme. Finally, the birthday cake is the heart of the party! Whether homemade or purchased, the cake should conform to the theme and be delicious.

5. Gather the party planners! Short on time and energy? An established planner can help immensely. In Bangkok, they offer the bells and whistles, without breaking the bank. From bouncy house hires and entertainers to catering and tailor-made decor, ample resources are available with just one call.

About Glitz Party BKK

We provide customised mobile parties for your venue, and offer magical moments to the kids and guests. We create an exclusive party atmosphere with customised decorations. And we offer one-stop catering and entertainment party packages for your kids’ birthdays or special events. Just share your ideas and let Glitz bring them to life!

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Website: www.glitzpartybkk.com

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from Glitz Party Bkk.



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