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Exploring the Arts at Vic Hua Hin

The name Patravadi Mejudhorn is well-known and respected throughout the Bangkok arts community. Her Patravadi Theater on the shore of the Chao Phrya River has been a fixture of both traditional and modern dance for many years.

But the performances, classes and workshops offered at Patravadi Theater are geared more towards adults. Seeing a need to introduce children to the arts as well, Patravadi opened an arts and culture complex in 2010 to serve both Thai and expat children. The complex is called Vic Hua Hin (map).

Named after the ‘Old Vic’ 19thcentury theatre in London, Vic Hua Hin offers weekends of arts exploration, training and discovery in a supervised environment.

Let Your Kids Discover Their Artistic Passion

The visual arts are represented in classes that teach Drawing, Sculpture and Origami. For the performing arts, enroll your kids in classes exploring the worlds of Ballet Dancing, Sabatchai Drumming, Thai Classical Music and Electronic Music.

There are even Thai cooking classes and lessons in horseback riding.

Spend the Weekend Immersed in the Arts 

To make the Vic Hua Hin experience truly a family affair, the school offers accommodations called Naidee Sculptured Huts right on the school campus. Created by the Thai artist Naidee, these fun, free-form huts are perfect for families, friends and school groups that wish to experience everything that Vic Hua Hin has to offer. The huts accommodate from two to thirty people. As a bonus, pets are always welcome.

Speaking of animals, the campus also houses many varieties of animals such as horses and mini horses, cows, deer, chickens, ducks and guineafowl. Everyone is encouraged to visit with them.

There is also an on-site restaurant called Kitchen in School that offers healthy meals in a pleasant, open-air setting. The restaurant provides free wi-fi, a small stage, and a lighting and sound system. It occasionally hosts some of the school’s artistic performances, and it’s a perfect environment for a child’s birthday celebration as well.

Lots of Workshops for Parents and Kids

Besides the structured programs for the kids on Saturdays (the so-called Weekend School), Vic Hua Hin features introductory workshops on Music, Ballet, Cooking and Agriculture. Parents are welcome to join these workshops too, making Vic Hua Hin an immersive educational experience for the whole family.

In recent years, Vic Hua Hin has offered a summer camp experience in April, and they are hosting workshops and performances on a regular basis. Contact them through their website to find out what programs and special events they have running currently and in the near future.

Vic Hua Hin is located in Hua Hin right along Highway 4, just a short drive from the ocean. There are markets and shopping (as well as the Vana Nava waterpark) in the vicinity that provide everything you need to make spending a weekend of artistic exploration here a worthwhile endeavour.

Photo credit: Weekend School @Vic Hua Hin

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