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Experience Jurassic Plastic at ChangChui Creative Park

Note: Jurassic Plastic is only open until October 14th – hurry and go visit!

Our family recently had the opportunity to visit Jurassic Plastic at the ChangChui Creative Park. We visited the exhibit with another family and everyone was pleasantly surprised by both the installation and the surrounding attractions and activities in the park.

Jurassic Plastic

About The Jurassic Plastic Exhibit

The Jurassic Plastic exhibit was created by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji. In summary, as Hiroshi became increasingly distraught with the growing use of plastics throughout the years, he started a collection in 1997. Today, this collection of “disposable” plastic items has grown to over 50,000 pieces and is the inspiration behind the Kaekko Bazar, an exchange point where children can trade their unwanted toys for other gently used toys. 

The Bazar’s collection has been curated into a massive display of dinosaurs and other magical beasts. The ultimate goal of the artwork is to raise awareness around our use of plastics – especially toys and other objects that are used once and discarded – and inspire action for change.

Read more in our previous post about the exhibit here.

A Sight To Behold

A sight to behold Jurassic Plastic

The art display itself is a sight to behold. Contained in a large warehouse-type space, the exhibit sprawls across the entire room in a rainbow of colors. Our children were intrigued by the many creatures that inhabit the display. Large and small Tyrannosaurus Rex, a variety of velociraptors and a wealth of other creatures that inspire the imagination. The younger children were happy to spend time inspecting all of the different toys that were used to make the display and the older children (and adults) took fascination with both the sheer volume of “stuff” that was collected, how Hiroshi had crafted the mosaic and the story behind the work and its creator.

Associated Activities

Associated Activities Jurassic Plastic

In addition to the main display room, Jurassic Plastic also has a number of events and activities that happen concurrently. While we were there, adults and children alike were able to rummage around the toy exchange area (a particular favorite of the younger children). We also spent time building dinosaur-inspired oragami – which isn’t as easy as it looks!

Fun Beyond The Main Event

Fun Beyond Jurassic Plastic

While the Jurassic Plastic installation is worth the trip, we also had a wonderful time simply exploring the surrounding ChangChui Creative Park (it was named one of “The World’s Greatest Places” to visit by Time Magazine in 2018, after all). The Park has a variety of unique restaurants (a full sized airplane!), artisan studios and shops and stages for performances. If you’re able, I recommend that you explore the exhibit and the Park in the evening or later at night. While out children enjoyed exploring the treehouse and hanging around some of the huge, fantastical animals, many of the shops and restaurants were closed earlier in the day when we visited. However, we’ll definitely be coming back for more!

If you go… Important Information:

As mentioned above, go in the evening or later at night, so that you can get the full experience of the ChangChui Creative Park

  • Location: ChangChui Creative Park – 460/8 Sirindhorn Rd, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700
  • Date: Open through 14 October 2019
  • Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (Closed Wednesday) 13:00 – 22:00; Saturday and Sunday 11:00 – 22:00
  • Cost: FREE
  • Ages: All ages (including teens and adults)

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