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Expat Holidays In Thailand

It now looks like many of us are grounded for the long school summer holidays and whilst this means we may not get to see our families and loved ones overseas, there is light at the end of the COVID tunnel. You can still travel inside Thailand and maybe this is the time to create your top 10 bucket list of things to do inside Thailand? I’ve known so many people who live here for years and then before you know it, it’s time to pack-up and move on, with their bucket still half empty!

A good idea is to sit with the family and make a list of all the places that everyone wants to visit, while your ambitions might be slightly higher than the kids, in wanting to visit some of those amazing remote islands off the coastline of Krabi, you will be amazed at what the kids come up with! Topping those charts are “getting into the mud with the elephants,” “driving my own tuk tuk in Phuket,” and “singing karoke with my teacher!”

This year really is the perfect time to discover all those local Thai opportunities and visit more of this amazing country we all call home.

Best beach destinations in Thailand

Family Friendly Road trips in Bangkok

Step in……Lenny Lednev from Expat Holidays Thailand who are a one stop shop for all your travel needs in Thailand and beyond. Operating since 2012, there is nothing they cannot arrange for you from family trips, honeymoons, adventure tours and much more. Whether you’re looking for a day trip out of the city, a beach getaway or exploring other SE Asian destinations (when things return to normal!!) – they have the answers!!

If you want to save time, we highly recommend getting in touch with Lenny directly. Give him your needs from 5 star resorts to budget friendly travel across northern Thailand or just ask for suggestions based on his extensive knowledge of travel in Thailand and the region. They have access to many special discounts for expats which are not available on popular booking websites. In a virtual world (that we are all quite tired of at the moment) it’s nice to have that personal touch again. Click here to start ticking off those travel wishes today.

Please feel free to contact them below if you have any specific travel plans or need recommendations for some great destinations within easy reach of Bangkok. Click for their Facebook & Trip Advisor links to see what people are saying about them.

Expat Holidays Thailand

Tel +66 8 3301 2112

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/expatholidaysthailand.

Tourism Authority of Thailand License number 11/08644

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