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Establishing a Strong Foundation from the Start at Shrewsbury International School

Shrewsbury city campus

Early Years Programme

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok (with its two locations at Riverside in the Sathorn-Charoenkrung area and City Campus in the Sukhumvit-Rama 9 area) is a leading international school in Thailand recognised for quality education and heritage from nearly 500 years of Shrewsbury School, UK.

Shrewsbury places high value on establishing a foundation of well-being and lifelong learning for children, which is why the Early Years programme at Shrewsbury is the ideal choice for students to enter school.

Our Bespoke EY Curriculum – Shrewsbury’s Early Years approach is underpinned by The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance (UK), yet inspired by elements of leading Early Years practice from all over the world. At the heart of our pedagogy is our view of the child. We view our youngest children as being highly capable and competent learners, who are able to take the lead and guide much of their learning through building upon their own interests, knowledge and strengths. 

This is very much in line with leading EY research and philosophy regarding how young children learn best. Our children learn through active exploration and engagement with ideas, the environment and others.

Shrewsbury International School

Our EY Environment – We have an outstanding EY learning environment which is purposely built and continually evolving. We regard our environment as the third teacher and must be inviting, enriching and supportive. Our team intentionally makes our learning spaces light, airy and flexible to ensure that children have space to think critically and use it in purposeful and creative ways. 

Emphasis is placed on children being surrounded by nature. Our beautifully designed garden ensures children can learn in and from nature as part of their everyday experience. Our learning resources are of the highest quality and selected for their open-ended opportunities, meaning children can use them in many different ways. Where possible, the resources are locally sourced ensuring that we support our communities and celebrate the wonderful natural materials available within Thailand. 

The EY environment both inside and out present limitless opportunities for children to learn and develop across our EY curriculum and importantly ignites a passion and love of learning within our children. Key learning qualities such as the ability to self-start on a project, work with motivation, focus and direction and learn through enquiry and engagement are highly valued in the EY at Shrewsbury. We know that these skills and attitudes form the foundations for successful learning throughout a child’s educational life.  

Our Professional Teachers – Our highly trained Early Years teachers and Teaching Assistants work in collaboration with the children to support them in achieving the things they have set out to do. As the children play and work on their chosen projects, the adults join them and engage in high quality interactions. These interactions, in the learning moment,  focus on for example; sharing experiences together; verbalising the learning and making learning explicit; modeling; developing language skills and scaffolding the children’s understanding, knowledge and skills. 

Members of our team are highly reflective and use the observations they make of the child in play and enquiry to plan for further exploration and experiences in order to build upon the child’s learning interest and developmental needs.  

Shrewsbury International School

Parent Involvement – Parental participation is vital. Just like teachers, Shrewsbury recognises that parents are partners in their children’s education. We highly encourage parents to actively participate in their children’s learning experiences. At Shrewsbury Bangkok, we aim to nurture a harmonious relationship with parents, one that is built on mutual trust and appreciation. 

We invite parents into school on a regular basis to share information on their children’s learning journey. Teachers are always on hand to answer questions about the Early Years curriculum so parents themselves can be active participants in their children’s learning and development.

To learn more about Early Years at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, why not visit them at one of their upcoming open house events.

For Shrewsbury City Campus, call 02 203 1222, email [email protected] or click HERE to sign-up for the event.

Shrewsbury City Campus Open house

For Shrewsbury Riverside, call 02 675 1888, email [email protected] or click HERE to sign-up for the event.

Shrewsbury Riverside EY open day

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