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Essential Oils: a Healthy Alternative

Many parents, especially in a country where antibiotics are the go-to medical remedy, are wary of over prescribing medicine to their children.  You may have heard the buzz or seen people posting about on facebook recently about the essential oil craze.  If you dig a little deeper into this arena, you may very well discover a new hobby or  a way to keep your family healthy and happy.

Essential oils are a homeopathic alternative to medicine, used more frequently in a preventative manner than as a direct cure for an ailment.  Oils can be diffused (released into the air through a steam diffuser), applied topically to the skin, or in some specific cases even consumed (you must consult the brand and label first!).  Different oils have different homeopathic purposes including aspects such as air quality, boosting the immune system, stress relief, and sleep aid.  This is a great way to work on your health and wellbeing, and feel good about taking care of your family.

For children, oil recipes can be made for the dreaded teething, sleep interruptions, bug bites, and stuffy noses all parents face.  Diffuse some lavender at night to help bubs sleep, mix some clove and chamomile to rub on sore gums, or dab a thieves blend (clove and cinnamon bark) on the bottoms of baby feet to boost immunity.  There is a wealth of information on oil use and recipes all over the internet, sometimes depending on the brand oil you choose.  Young Living and Doterra are widely acknowledged as the best and most pure quality oils but be wary of high Thai import taxes.  A good option for Bangkok based families is Novessence in Thong-Lo which also now has a convenient online shop.  You can buy a diffuser through them or even on Lazada.  Another option is iHerb although not all oils will ship to Bangkok.

So if you’re tired of colds that last for weeks, apartments that feel stuffy, and lingering sore throats, you might give essential oils a try. Some parents swear by them; at the very least, your house will certainly smell better.

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