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EPA Football Club & West Ham United Foundation

EPA Football academy

EPA FC is football skills training and tactical development academy for students of all ages. We believe that there is a place for everyone of all ability levels and our training methods support student learning and help to improve their mental approach to the game increasing their self-confidence and self-worth.

Our coaching methods enables our students to fully understand why they are practicing and developing certain skills, the effect it has on their performance and encourages them to be positive about their individual performances both on and off the field.

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Working with our partners the West Ham United Foundation we have created an environment for students to create their own pathways at all levels: from just wanting to come for a kick-about in a safe, structured and fun way through to the serious side of training and elite training camps with West Ham Foundation Academy coaches and English Premier League Scouts.

EPA football Academy

All of our camps and workshops offer:

  • West Ham United Foundation virtual content! – Offers students a chance to understand how professional players train and learn every aspect that goes into becoming an elite player.
  • Skills Training – Learn basic and advanced ball mastery, understand how the football reacts.
  • Expert Coaching – All coaches are fully qualified.
  • Psychology – Getting students to set targets and goals that are achievable and realistic. Working on the mental as well as physical side of the game.
  • English through Sport – working on session plans, commentary, writing blogs – sport helps to encourage students to express themselves
EPA football player

EPA’s goal is to get students involved in regular sport at all levels. If you are the next Ronaldo or Messi or simply want a kick-about with your mates the EPA FC community has a place for you! 

We create pathways for students by giving them the tools and experience to be able to adapt to the emotional, physical and mental side of not only sport but everyday life. 

We also help families with applying for scholarship applications to American Universities and support those wishing to pursue a career in professional sport.  

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