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Early Physical Development at King’s Bangkok

One of the key elements of the Early Years curriculum is physical development. At King’s College International School Bangkok, we achieve this by challenging children in EY with fun challenges. For this reason, we have installed a climbing wall which helps the children develop both gross and fine-motor skills that will contribute to their overall growth and learning.

The climbing wall has been built intentionally for use by our EY students only, in that it is sufficiently challenging while also being suitable for their size. It is a very welcome addition to the state-of-the-art facilities in the Early Years centre as it provides a different avenue for our children to develop their physical skills, conditioning and strength, which they may not have been able to do due to COVID-19. It also provides a wealth of opportunities for risk taking, problem solving and demonstrating resilience. The children are able to experience the climbing wall from Pre-nursery to Reception, supervised by their teachers and support staff during their day.

Safety First

As it is a new apparatus and this may be the first time many of the children have had access to a climbing wall, we take many precautions to ensure children’s safety and entertainment when using it. Every member of staff in EY have been shown how to use the wall correctly and they make sure that each child understands how to mount, dismount, move around and climb it so they can maximise both the fun they are having and stay safe. Furthermore, there are mats on the floor leading up to the wall which have been designed to protect children from harm if they fall or slip off of the wall.

Developing Early Learners

King’s Bangkok is committed to consistently stretching our students and encouraging them to develop in leaps and bounds. It is a privilege to watch our youngest students grow and explore the world, and we are happy to offer a variety of opportunities to better our children. The climbing wall for EY is one of many top-of-the-line facilities which  our students in Early Years, Primary School and Senior School can take advantage of. 

To learn more about life at King’s College International School Bangkok, including the wide range of subjects and facilities we have on offer for our students, and the admissions process, please contact us to arrange a school our.

King’s Bangkok now welcomes applications for girls and boys aged 2 – 16.

Please email us with any enquiries at [email protected] or visit our website at www.kingsbangkok.ac.th Tel 02 481 9955

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