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Make Life Easier: Delivery Services in Bangkok

Life with kids is undoubtedly an intense juggling session. Between childcare, school drop-off/pick-up, work, household chores and errands, we’re exhausted! The below companies make things easier, offering the essentials (and then some) delivered right to your door.

1. Organic produce, grains and more: Radiance Wholefoods is a great source for organic produce, whole grains and natural foods, as well as chemical-free household cleaners and personal care products. Alternately, Raitong Organics Farm offers a weekly delivery of seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy foods, bakery items, tempeh, rice, eggs and ginger beer, among other goods. Sustaina also features home delivery of organic produce from Harmony Life Farm; and Good Karma, based in Phuket, will ship a variety of health and super foods.

2. Dairy products: Eliminate multiple weekly milk runs – Chokchai will bring milk to you. Simply ring the number on the side of their milk carton (02.532.3572) to arrange how much milk you’d like, and when to begin the continuous delivery. (Tip: Have a native Thai speaker set up the order, as the hotline staff do not always speak English.) For other dairy products, the Homemade Cheese Co. features a variety of cheeses, including feta, haloumi and quark, as well as yogurts; Mille Stelle provides homemade cheeses, including fresh mozzarella; and Innocent Cow offers natural plain and flavoured Greek yogurt.

3. Baby and pet supplies: Save time and energy by ordering the bulky stuff online – Venbi sells all the popular brands of diapers, as well as a range of baby and nursing-related products. Also, use their affiliated site, Pet Loft, for pet food and other supplies, such as kitty litter. Similarly, Tesco Lotus sells such items online.

4. Artisanal foods: Urban Pantry makes a range of delicious breads, nut butters, hearty salads, homemade sauces and desserts – all delivered to your home or office.  From their facebook page, get on the weekly menu distribution list, place your order by e-mail and wait for the goodies to arrive! Passion Delivery also conveniently delivers a number of quality artisanal foods, including steaks, bread, cheese, sausages, yogurt, juices, wines, craft beers and more. They work with a number of suppliers, including some of the above-mentioned brands. Paleo Robbie is also a go-to source for fresh and frozen premium meats and ocean caught fish, as well as a variety of frozen fruits and fresh, locally grown vegetables. For the tots, San Francisco Baby makes and dispatches fresh organic baby food, with an emphasis on superfoods, right to you.

5. Ready-to-eat restaurant meals: Food by Phone and ChefsXP, among other restaurant delivery services, are a lifesaver for tired parents, delivering food from a huge variety of restaurants in their respective networks, as well as drinks and other grocery items.

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