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A Daytrip to Technopolis

About an hour’s drive from Bangkok, the Technopolis Complex in Pathum Thani houses the National Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Information Technology Museum. These three museums combine to provide children from 4-years and up with a wealth of colourful exhibits and hands-on activities.  To see everything on offer at the three museums, plan for a full day’s visit.

National Science Museum

Housed in the distinctive cube building, the National Science Museum focuses on science in everyday life by giving children examples and activities that allow them to explore a range of scientific principles. With over 250 exhibits on 6 floors, subjects covered include the Earth, robotics, forces and motion, geology, architecture, and the traditional Thai technologies, so they can learn how these technologies evolved over the history of Thailand and which ones survived the test of time. Kids will enjoy floors 3 to 5 the most, as the bulk of the interactive, hands-on displays are here. Most explanations are in both Thai and English.

The museum also features a Fun Science play area that will engage the younger children, while allowing them to get a little exercise in the process. There are also continuous showings of science-related films in the Science Dome; most films are in Thai, however.

Natural History Museum

Come learn about the natural world and the creatures that inhabit our planet. From the tiniest microbes to the giant dinosaurs that roamed the land millions of years ago, the museum highlights the wealth of Thailand’s wildlife, as well as gives children a glimpse into the bio-diversity of the entire planet. Everyone will also gain an appreciation for all living species and learn about the efforts to preserve them from extinction.

Information Technology Museum

The need to keep current on the information technology of today is the focus of this museum. The venue is divided into five zones, which take students and children through the history of information technology up to the innovations of today. They have a range of interactive exhibits that allow kids to get a hands-on experience in computers and emerging technologies. They also offer demonstrations in coding.

For more info on how to get to Technopolis, please click here.

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