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Craft Idea: Making Minecraft Icons with Beads

Given their pixelated nature, Minecraft icons work very well with Perler beads. Kids ages 4 and up will enjoy this activity, especially if they are Minecraft fans. Plus it’s a great way to enhance fine motor skills!

To start, you’ll need is a regular square pegboard and an assortment of Perler beads, which are small pipe-shaped beads that are hollow in the middle and open on both ends. In Bangkok, they are available in the craft sections of larger department stores, like Siam Paragon and Emporium, and in the kid’s section of IKEA (where they are known as PYSSLA beads).

Find the patterns by searching for ‘Minecraft’ (or any other characters your kids love, including Pokemon) here. The Perler beads website also has lots of ideas.

Following the pattern, kids can sort beads by the colours they need and arrange them on the pegboard. If they need a larger pegboard, you can always tape several small ones together.

Adult assistance is then required to melt the beads together. First, place parchment or wax paper over the beads on the pegboard. Preheat a dry iron to a medium setting. Slowly run the iron in a circular motion evenly over the beads for 10 to 15 seconds until the beads have fused together. Remove the parchment paper, and slowly peel the beads off. Done!

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