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COVID-19 Is Your Perfect Chance To Learn Thai Online

Zoe Thai

For most of us, just having the privilege to live (or visit) Bangkok is good enough. Because the city is such an international hub, everything is relatively easy to navigate and enjoy without any special assistance.

But we all know, there is no better way to truly enhance your experience in Thailand than learning to speak the language. Not only does it make the land of a thousand smiles, grin that much more, it also deepens your understanding of cultural practices, eases your ability to navigate transactions, allows you to connect with so many more people and even gives you the ability to haggle in the market better!

There’s No Time Like The Present

As you ponder how to use your online time during the COVID-19 crisis, consider this option: Learn Thai online with Zoe Thai

You have a wide variety of options (indeed, probably too many) for how to spend your online time over the coming weeks. While we obviously recommend using this time to focus on your kids, we can’t do that 24/7. Netflix, YouTube, WhatsApp, and your work, will all be huge draws.

But what if you took an hour a day to practice Thai? What if, after the COVID-19 crisis passes, you were able to head out into town and meet new friends, shop with greater ease and, just generally enjoy Bangkok even more?

Zoe Thai Makes It Easy

The folks at Zoe Thai have made it super easy for basically anyone – kids and adults alike – to learn Thai. All you need is a computer or tablet, an internet connection, a pair of headphones and a microphone and you’re ready to go.

Zoe Thai takes care of the rest. They will provide you with a personal, or small group, instructor, who will be your teacher and guide through the learning materials an exercises. Zoe Thai has more than 500 accredited classes already available now for you to dive into!

Finally, because we all have variable schedules, you can choose when you want to study. After you register for your free assessment, you can pick your instructor and class time from a wide variety of options!

Free 30 Minute Assessment

In case you aren’t yet convinced, Zoe Thai is offering a free 30 minute one-on-one assessment. This is a perfect way for you to make the leap into learning Thai and ensure a soft landing into success.


Note: Zoe Thai is a BKK Kids advertiser and all links in this post are affiliate referral links.

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