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Cleaning Tips for a Home Detox

With the changing of the seasons comes the perfect time to deep clean and detox your home. The hot and humid climate of Thailand in the coming months presents the need to really dig in and clean your home before the moisture starts creating breeding grounds for bacteria.

As you and your family have stayed comfortable in your home throughout the “winter”, other unwanted pollutants and bacteria may have been joining you – and some may have been multiplying in the process! But have no fear – you can begin your deep cleaning by applying the following 4 tips in order to reclaim your home’s purity.

Test and Improve Air Quality

You can’t control the air quality outside, but you can take steps to keep your air cleaner in your own home. There are several factors that can contribute to poor air quality in your home. Before you can take action on improving air quality, you need to know what you’re up against. In order to determine what pollutants may be lurking in the air, you can utilize an air test kit and treat accordingly. Once you have cleared the air, you might consider maintaining this new purity by investing in an air purifier. However, there are more affordable and natural approaches  to maintain air purity year round such as using salt lamps or adding houseplants to your decor.

Rethink Your Mattress

How long has it been since you cleaned or replaced your mattress? If it has been a while, you’re likely to have a buildup of unwanted particles such as dead skin cells and dust mites as your bed buddies, and these pollutants can further add to poor air quality. You can contact professional cleaners such as DeHygienique Thailand to do a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. But if you feel it’s time to part ways with your mattress and start anew, make sure to check out plenty of reviews before investing as it’s a big purchase to make.

Deep Clean Your Floors

Whether you have hard floors, carpets, or both, a good cleaning should always involve thoroughly cleaning your flooring. You might opt for having your carpet professionally cleaned since carpet cleaning companies will know which cleaners are effective for removing mold and other pollutants. However, this could also mean that the air is further contaminated by the chemicals used. So as not to contribute even more to poor air quality in your home, you could mix up a natural and homemade carpet cleaner instead. The same approach can be taken for hard floor cleaning. Regardless of the method, deep cleaning your floors is an important part of re-setting your home’s health.

Tackle the Furniture (especially if they are pet magnets)

Now that you’ve cleaned your side of the street, it’s time to focus on how pets can contribute their own pollutants such as dander and bacteria. They may have slazed around on the couch or in your favorite chair, so steam cleaning your furniture will help eliminate what your furry friends have left behind. Investing in a steam cleaner might be a good idea or you can use a spray cleaner and vacuum to disinfect and sanitize your furniture. In addition, this could be the perfect time to replace your pet’s toys and bedding that they’ve slobbered all over.

Happy cleaning!

About the author: Laurie Larson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on home, health, and lifestyle topics. You can catch up with her on Instagram @livinglaurie.

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