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Camp Beaumont is Now in Bangkok

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Camp Beaumont, the United Kingdom’s most established multi-activity day camp provider has arrived in Thailand, creating inspiring adventures throughout the school holidays. With over 40 camps in the UK, and 8 in Hong Kong, Camp Beaumont’s much-loved, confidence-boosting experiences encourage 3 to 11-year-olds to step outside their comfort zones and realise their potential.

Since the very first day camp over 40 years ago, Camp Beaumont has inspired children of all ages to grow in self-confidence and independence. Programmes are developed with industry experts to encourage young people to get active, get outdoors, express themselves and so much more. With over 50 activities, from archery to junior yoga there really is something for everyone – and every day brings something new.

Camp Beaumont kids camps

Camp Beaumont is now 41! Our award winning day camps provide fun, safe and confidence-building experiences for 3 to 11 year olds throughout the school holidays. And for parents, our service is unbeatable. We have a higher staff to child ratio than any other day camp provider in the UK.

With over 50 activities including sports, arts and crafts and so much more Camp Beaumont’s multi-activity programme will ensure your child learns new skills, makes new friends and enjoys their best break yet. Each unforgettable experience will enhance their wellbeing and revitalise them for their return to school.

Age Appropriate Programmes

Camp Beaumont Day Camps are much-loved and trusted by parents, guardians and grandparents, we provide flexible, affordable and reliable childcare over the school holidays. But more than childcare, every day camp is an adventure, a chance to learn something new, meet new friends and grow in confiden. Our ethos has always been to put children first. Every school holiday at Camp Beaumont is filled with adventure, inspiration, a wealth of activities and learning opportunities that just can’t be experienced at home. Split into two age-appropriate programmes for 5 to 7 and 8- to 11-year-olds, our camps are packed with fun!

The Playtime programme offers children ages 3-4 years the chance to explore, learn and play. The programme is designed to offer a mix of stimulating and relaxing activities in a safe and secure setting. We combine energetic play, like our superhero academy session, with quieter times such as storytelling and arts & crafts. Each of our activities are designed to enhance and develop your little ones social, emotional, physical and language skills. At camp we encourage children to express themselves, their creativity and imagination while learning how to interact and play with others.

From Dinosaur Discovery to Soft-play Ninjas, Soccer Tots, Clay Workshop, Music & Movement, Messy Play and so much more… there really is something for everyone! Your little ones will come home energised and feeling wonderful after each camp day!

Camp Beaumont kids camps

The Magic programme offers 5- to 7-year-olds a huge mix of activities, theme days and special events for a truly magical experience. Our extra-curricular camp provides children with a unique chance to develop their independence, overcome challenges and make personal choices through a programme of exciting activities.

The Active programme for 8 to 11 year olds is packed with pure excitement and new-found friendship. Young campers can reach new heights, learn new skills and enjoy plenty of healthy outdoor activities. Active programs are designed to build confidence, and inspire children to learn more about themselves through teamwork all whilst having a great time!

Camp Beaumont

Where to Find Them in Bangkok

After their initial summer camp at Wellington College, they are now back and this October will be running an Amazing camp at Campat Satit Bilingual School in Bangkok. 

This time, they will be offering places for children aged between 3 – 11yrs

After how successful their last Camp was, make sure you book early to ensure you have a slot.

FOLLOW THE LINK https://linktr.ee/cbasia and make use of our early bird discount of 10% using the code “SBS10” at checkout!

We look forward to seeing you!

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