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BookzForKidz: A New Kind of Lending Library in Bangkok

Kids can read books very quickly and sometimes have trouble choosing the right books for themselves. This can lead to them not enjoying reading at an important stage in their development, as well as rack up the costs for parents. With few public libraries that house quality English books for children (and the relatively high cost of English language titles), it can be difficult for children to get the books and reading they need, especially at a crucial time in their lives.

Here’s where BookzForKidz comes in. The only library of its kind in Thailand for children ages 0 to 16, they offer carefully chosen books, including much loved classics, modern greats, famous authors and award winning books. At the moment, there are over 1,600 books available in the library, with new books being constantly added.

The concept is for members to choose their books from the website and order through the website/Line/WhatsApp, etc. The books are then delivered to your homes the next day. When you have finished those books and want to order some new ones, simply follow the same process and BookzForKidz comes and picks up the old books. The fees are 200 baht per month (+30 baht per delivery).

Not only is this an inexpensive way to access quality books, it is convenient for those with busy parenting and/or professional lives. There is and will be something in the library for everyone! To get started, visit BookzForKidz’s website to learn more about membership.

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