Book Launch: “Leo’s Pet Bug” by Anna Manuel

7 December 2017, BKK Kids

“Leo’s Pet Bug” is a children’s book that’s based on a true story. Written by Anna Manuel, a professional storyteller and Founder of Heads and Tales Story Services, the book conveys the delightful quirks and curiosity of children. The story centre on Leo, a boy with an interesting, unconventional pet who can’t wait to share it with his class. Leo’s excitement is palpable, and in the end, he spotlights the importance of being true to oneself, despite others’ perceptions and biases.

We loved this entertaining book, its adorable main character and the positive message it offers children, brought to life through vibrant illustrations by Jose Ortega. Formerly based in Bangkok (now living in Melbourne), author Anna Manuel will be back in December 2017 for a book launch, kamishibai (interactive “paper play”) workshop, and book signing.

Come and join the fun! Book launch dates and venues include:

Anna will also be presenting “Leo’s Pet Bug” at Wonderfruit, from 15-17 Dec, 6pm-6.30pm.

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