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DIY Garden Project at BlueTwig Garden

BlueTwig Garden is a new workshop space located in central Sukhumvit that aims to bring a balance of nature back to city dwellers’ lives. The space provides gardening, planting and other nature-related activities for kids and parents to enjoy.

The main activity focuses on teaching the young to build their own mini tray garden project. “We try to guide [kids] about how to transform their imagination and thinking into reality. As they move on into a higher level, we also teach them about how to create their tiny garden accessories (such as a chair, table, door, bird house) from dry twigs, pine cones, tree bark, seeds and more, as well as other more complicated garden styles,” says Khun Soraphon, Proprietor of BlueTwig Garden.

“As we always believe in nature’s way of learning, we will encourage kids to explore, and find out the best solution by themselves, and this method of learning will serve as a great foundation for a growing mindset in their future. In class for small children, we also include some daily use tools such as a spoon, fork, chopstick, for kids to practice handling them in order to improve their motion skills and hand muscles for better physical development.”

He adds, “Each month, we also provide a special workshop for both adults and kids, such as making a small bouquet from dry flowers, mali [jasmine] garland, rose basket, wreath, etc. We aim to make everyone realise that there’re many ways for kids and parents to enjoy their free time rather than playing games or watching videos on their mobile devices.”

BlueTwig Garden is located at 197/2 Sukhumvit soi 49/11 (opposite Racquet Club), with 3 hours of free parking at Racquet Club.

For more information:

Tel : 096-878-2936 (Line: @bluetwig)
Mail : [email protected]
Facebook: /BlueTwigGarden
Instagram: /BlueTwigGarden

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