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Big things happen in small schools!

NIVA blog 12

“The culture of small schools typically revolves around hard work, high aspirations, respect for others, and the expectation that all students will succeed” 

Wasley, P and Lear, R “Small Schools, Real Gains” Educational Leadership March 2001.

NIVA American International School is nestled in a quiet, safe campus inside Ladprao 101 with a friendly American atmosphere away from the busy main roads. Our 7-rai campus is well equipped with a wide range of sports and music facilities, science and computer labs, and other learning facilities. We provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for our students to learn, play, and grow. Values are an important part of our nurturing system and we treat every child as an individual, learning at their own pace and in their own unique style.

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We provide American education to students from Nursery to Grade 12.  With the encouragement of our dedicated teachers, students learn real-world lessons in a small class setting. Our classes have a low student-teacher ratio where we can really focus on each student to ensure that they can reach their full potential and get the very best education for future success. There are many advantages to attending a small school and here at NIVA, we have the advantage of addressing each student’s strengths and weaknesses to challenge or encourage them as we see appropriate.

Better Results

NIVA blog 11

Students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. With fewer students per class, hands-on learning is easy to organize and manage and the learning outcomes are great.

Each Student Gets Noticed

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When class sizes are small, teachers are able to better know the academic strengths and weaknesses of each of their students. 

Opportunities to participate in classroom activities

NIVA blog 10

Students have more opportunities to speak and have a voice in the class. They have more opportunities to ask questions and share their opinions in the classroom.

Connection and Relationships

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Students can connect more closely with their classmates. They become more confident and comfortable with sharing their ideas between the teachers and students.

NIVA creates opportunities for students to find and discover their own unique individuality and talents to fully realize their potential by enabling them to engage in diverse subject areas guided and accompanied by highly qualified, skilled, understanding, and compassionate teachers and other faculty members.

As a result, our students grow up to be confident, mature, responsible, and ready to continue their education and positively contribute to their communities and the world at large.

Contact us today to learn more about our school here

or call us at 02-948-4605 or 081-753-8162

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