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Big Data is Making a Big Difference

Big Data is everywhere. As well as the presence of Big Data in professional strategies, your Google, Amazon, and Facebook accounts now make suggestions based on the purchases you’ve made and the things you like. Thanks to Big Data, you’re beginning to see articles, suggestions and advertisements that are tailored to your individual tastes, improving your client and customer experiences online.

What if the education system did the same for your child, looking at their likes and dislikes to tailor their learning, to find an approach that suits them?

Now that Big Data is being rolled out into schools, your child has the chance to receive individual, personalised learning. By collating data that indicates raw attainment and aptitude, teachers are now able to hone in on each student in specific detail. But Bromsgrove International School Thailand is different. They have added a third pool of information to this data: attitude. Your child’s likes and dislikes would be taken into account alongside their academic performance over years of collected data. Even attitudes towards teachers and peers are acknowledged, as a factor in their ability to learn. It doesn’t just come down to grades and academic achievements; children need to be nurtured through their education, treated as individuals with different perspectives on their daily experience.

The academic and pastoral teams at Bromsgrove are working in collaboration to dissect and analyse this data. Students showing low scores are worked with closely by the pastoral team to ensure that they are happy, safe and confident in school and within themselves. The data is used to create classroom strategies that improve self regard and work ethic, as well as giving staff an all round view of each student to create individual learning plans.

Pastoral staff work closely with the school counselor, to support tutors as they attempt to achieve the school-wide objective of the Mona Lisa effect – a trademark vision that has been nurtured by the Deputy Head, Mr. Matthew Savage.

‘Every single student should experience a learning journey which feels like it is looking right at them, like it has been designed specifically for them.’

Students are benefiting from staff who are applying a well-informed approach to their interactions, receiving extra encouragement and attention where they need it, and extended learning where they are excelling. Classrooms are changing to accommodate every child’s needs, while improving learning styles and self-confidence. As their knowledge increases and they are nearing the end of their high school education, Big Data can be used to predict exam results and highlight any areas that need attention, giving your child the best possible chance of success. The future of education is changing, focusing on what works in a case by case process, so that every child is supported from a 360 degree view.

Big Data is making a big difference at Bromsgrove.


Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from Bromsgrove International School Thailand.

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